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NCIS of Starfleet.


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Report this Jun. 18 2012, 1:12 pm

Section seven is based on everyones favirote show NCIS & NCIS:LA. We have seven players as of rite now. But we are still waiting on you to join us and make the simm that much more of a great place to play. 


There are no test to join simply read a few easy simple guide lines make your player name, and post to request what position you would like. If we dont have the spot your looking for, that means we didn't know we needed it. Any spot that someone can think of is open.


The current senior spot need filling:

Ops, medical,security/tactical,flight control

Pls send me an im on the board once you have posted your request for positionl, we all cant wait for you to join us!

You may find the board here:

you may also email me any questions you might have:

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