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Unpopular or Stupid Trek Characters


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>Beverly Crusher has Commander rank? A wishy washy doctor with no backbone always complaining about Federation and Starfleet rules. Should've been a vet. Also arrogant and conceited thinking she was so sexy but not in my opinion. Pulaski was ten times better!

I agree with you a bit here although think you are being somewhat harsh about Crusher.

I also disagree with that assessment of Dr Crusher.  She had a backbone.


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Where to begin...

Neelix is by far the worst. He is so annoying, never shuts up. And he thinks he is such a valueable member of the crew, with bogus titles. And he is weird looking, and his relationship with kes was creepy. Kes was anoying also, but not nearly as bad.

Chakote (or however you spell it) was annoying too. With is horrible accent, native american cliches, and stupid face tatoo, i could harly put up with him. His awkward sexual tension with the captain was enough to make me sick. And dont get me started on his speeches.

Barcarlay, aka broccoli, was another annpying pest. I could barley stan his TNG episodes, then they had him on voyager. Thank god he was only a minor recurring character, though in my opinion not minor enough.

Odo is an arrogent a**. He is so smug and thinks he is just oh so clever. Here and there he shows a part that i like, but usually he is just cocky and pathetic, like when he had relations with the female changling, instead of helping retake DS9. He is also mean to Quark, wich makes me mad.

Jake Sisko is annoying as well. His stupid writing career is laughable, he is little wimp too. What a whimp move when he ran away like a baby from the mine field where he left an injured Bashir.

The doctor from enterprise was, from what I can remember, annoying too. I havent seen all of enterprise, but I'm gunna start it soon, and I'm not looking forward to him.

Worf was great on TNG, but he got a little annoying on DS9. The oposite is for O'Brian, i hated him on TNG, but really liked him on DS9.

There are a whole slew of recurring chacaters that are bad too, and even more episode charcters, too much to even count.


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I forgot to mention Wesley. I don't think an explaination is needed, its obvious how worthless and annoying he his

Worf's relationship with Jadzia was rediculous and stupid, kind of ruined Jadzia for me, but not really

Ayko, though I disagree about Crusher and Troi, I thought was you said was hillarious!


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Fleet Admiral Braxton

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I've Got A PRIME Canidate: Captain John Harriman,Commanding. U.S.S. Enterprise-B,ST Generations. Initial Shakedown Cruise, Special Guests Capts. Kirk,Scott,And,Cmdr.Chekov. Had To Answer Distress Call When NOT Fully Equipped. Trying To Rescue Two Ships In Danger And Harriman Looks Like He's Ready To WET HIS PANTS! Kirk,Supposedly Retired, Had To Give His Life To Bail Him, The Ship, And The El-Orians Out! I'm Sorry, But What Retard At Star Fleet Command Would Give A Pussy Like Harriman An Excelsior-Class Starship?! 


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I didn't like Wesley Crusher, Dr. Pulaski or the Pakleds(?), those dumb people who stole people's technology when they came to help.

I also hated the Kazons' hair (in Voyager).

Var Miklama--Zakdorn, engineer. "A sound mind in a FULL body!" "Time, like latinum, is a limited quantity in the galaxy."


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For me, It's all about TNG. My favorite episode was the one where Tasha Yar was killed. I could not stand her. Denise Crosby was a terrible actress and Tasha was useless as a security chief. And the episode where she got it on with Data? Oh, brother!

Next: Dr. Katherine Pulaski. I can't knock Diana Muldaur as an actress, noting her appearances on the Original Series, but the character of Pulaski was such a blatant ripoff of McCoy in an attempt to build the same kind of Spock/McCoy relationship with Pulaski and Data. And it failed. Miserably. Also, while McCoy was cantankerous and crabby, you could see it was mostly a facade behind which lay a good heart and caring attitude. Pulaski just came across as an old battle axe that wanted nothing more than to argue with anyone who spoke, especially if it was Data, and spent most of her one season on the show arguing with Picard as well. A doctor that won't follow orders does not belong on a starship.

My next favorite TNG episode? Wesley Crusher's last regular appearance, when he FINALLY left for Starfleet Academy. What exactly was his purpose on the ship, aside from Gene Roddenberry wanting to appeal to kids and teenagers with this new Star Trek series? Sure, Wesley saved the ship on multiple occasions, but it was usually from things he himself caused! He was whiny, he was obnoxious, and he only got his post on the bridge because Picard had a thing for Dr. Crusher.

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