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Think There Should Be More Console Games?


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Annie Lennox traveled the seven seas. I, on the other hand, have traveled all 139 seas.


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Absolutely.  I'm actually surprised there isn't considering the success of the Abram movie.


Plus, as a Mac user I don't really have access to the online game.


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Yes, there should be more console games, but there should also be "good" console games.  "More" is fine, but if they suck, who cares?  There have been plenty of console games which have been sub par (Conquest, Encounters, DAC).  Good games, not more games, is the answer.  I hope the new Bandai-Namco game is good, but I'm not keeping my hopes up given the track record of trek console titles.  I saw the footage from E3, and the game looks action-packed, but little more than yet another third-person shooter.  We'll see...

Lt. McGurk

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yes, maybe a killer RTS, i'd like to see it done

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