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One thing GOOD about 2009 movie


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The movie was good, not the best Trek but good.  However, there were so many errors it made it hard to watch.

Biggest error of all  (Yea I know it is alternate reality but this mistake is prior to the alternate reality being created)

The biggest error is the Star Dates  give in present time measurements not Star date measurments


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It was well done. Great special effects, and I liked how it showed that space was not a flat plane. In the Wrath of Kahn, Kirk says Kahn in thinking 2-dimmensially, but in all the tv serieses space seems to be pretty flat. So that was refreshing. Beyond that, not much was good.

It should have ended that the Enterprise went through that energy wall thing and ended up in the real universe as the REAL enterprise from TOS, captained by the REAL Kirk, and warpped away.

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I loved the movie can't wait for the new one to come out. 

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I loved that Nimoy was in it. I loved Karl Urban's McCoy. And Michael Giacchino's score was amazing.

I can't wait for the next one.

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i've watched trek from the begining, lil one at my mothers knee shivering in terror as the vodoo model of the enterprise is held over a flame, cut to kirk and crew sweating up a storm....

loved tng (to paraphrase wierd al, the only thing i find hard is do i like kirk or do i like picard)

movies ended with the voyage home.

i watched the other films and series, but more obligation as a fan than any real enjoyment (not that there werent some moments, but cliches and heavy fisted political point scoring in sci-fi has never hit my home button). my personal next generation didn't ever get involved or understand what all the fuss was about. i couldnt even summon enough disinterest to get angry over the enterprise debacle, so used to disapointment was i...


so i didn't bother with the new film when it hit cinemas. didn't actually bother with the dvd...knew it would come to movie channels at some point...and it did, but there was always something else better showing when it was. one night there wasn't so chanel hopping saw it was on and decided it was time to put a flag over the tv and do it for my federation...

ye gods and little fishes but i loved it. yeah it had issues, but it was a great film in its own right. didn't need to kno the entire startrek history to enjoy it, could just sit down and watch a really great sci-fi action adventure. and as a cherry on top, it was trek! the good stuff from the original series when the point was exploration, splitting infinitives and giving the general viewing public an hours escapism once a week on a friday night, was all present and accounted, as well as a good script, excellent special effects and sound performances from actors playing the characters rather than trying to play the charicatures that they became later on as cult status took over.



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I liked the movie.  It had its moments.   More than anything else,  it keeps the franchise alive.  I am not ready for Trek to go away. Plus, a new series would be nice.

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Yes and no. The emotion and public display of affection were to show how compromised he was under the circumstances, not that they weren't seeing each other prior to the movie's events. Based on what took place in ST09 (Uhura confronts Spock about her assignment and gets her way, the turbolift scene, the kissy face before Spock and Kirk transport over to the Narada, Spock almost telling Kirk to tell Uhura he loves her if he dies on the Jellyfish), their relationship clearly preceded the destruction of Vulcan and his mother's death. The whole jr. officer shagging is questionable, but I fail to see why folks think it is out of Spock's character. We clearly see in canon that Spock's control strengthened as he matured (early TOS vs late TOS and movies).

Coming out of lurkerdom to say Hi and add my two cents to the Spock/Uhura debate, specifically the one regarding them being a couple prior 'the battle of vulcan' or not.
Some of the posters here (like the one above) are right. Spock and Uhura did definitely have a relationship pre the vulcan genocide.
It was already obvious to me upon watching the movie but it was even confirmed by the writers themselves. Just read the script, listen to the commentary in the DVD and read the novelization by Alan Foster.

here some hints
the novelization:
“Time hung suspended between them. Viewing the confrontation from afar, a neutral observer might reasonably have expected the Vulcan commander to upbraid the aggressive cadet, not only for her increasingly aggressive tone but for perceptibly intruding on a superior officer’s personal space. The actual consequences were rather different. Spock looked away. It was impossible to tell if he did so to avoid the cadet’s laser-like stare—or to see if anyone was watching. His voice also changed, its tenor becoming a touch less professional, a tad less…Vulcan. His reply clearly indicated concern for the agitated young woman standing before him. Concern—and possibly, just possibly, something more. One couldn’t tell from the actual words he spoke, of course.
“I was simply,” he murmured low enough so that no one else could possibly overhear, “trying to avoid the appearance of favoritism.”

turbolift scene, SCRIPT:
“Spock and Uhura. Silence hangs. She glances over, wanting to say so much, but not to invade what must be the worst moment of his life. He looks at her, with kind eyes. And Uhura does something odd — she STOPS the lift. Spock looks over as she wordlessly reaches out and puts her arms around him. Just holding him. Kissing his face with utter tenderness and comfort, which he lets her do… and we realize, this is why the intimacy before — this is their secret.

“Reaching out, she thumbed the stop on the lift. It immediately came to a halt between decks. Then she leaned forward, put both arms around him, and pressed her lips against his. Though mixed with sorrow and regret, no one would have mistaken it for a platonic kiss. In a manner plainly half-human, half-Vulcan, Spock responded. In a fashion sufficiently straightforward to indicate that he had done so before.

In the commentary you hear the writers saying that Spock and Uhura are in love. They also comment on the fact that Kirk never stood a chance with Uhura because at one point in those four years at the Academy she got with Spock.

one of the comments:
“I just feel like this was the gutsiest thing that we did. Blowing up Vulcan was nothing compared to saying, ‘Spock and Uhura are in love with each other and are having this incredibly intimate relationship.’ ”

Another interesting bit is the scene when Spock said that "earth was the only home he had left"
He was looking at everyone while he was talking about his plan but then he looked at her only when he stated that phrase and she looked back at him. Both the script and the novel confirms that also.
Now, add that Spock wanted Kirk to deliver a message to Uhura in case he would die in the mission it doesn't
take a rocket science to figure out what he intended to say.
His father had just admitted loving his mother. Spock most likely never told his mother that he loved her.
Yeah, he didn't want to make the same mistake with Uhura.
As for the PDA on the transport pad, he knew that it could be the last time he was with her so who cares. He didn't even seem to notice Kirk, at all. This is a different Spock because different are his experiences. Spock Prime never fell in love and he didn't lose his mother and his home planet like that so you can't know how he would have acted under those circustances.

The novels also seem to follow the theory of a pre-existing relationship between them.
Now, the novels aren't considered canon but just like for the comics they need to get the approval of the movie's writers.
I don't know if anyone read them but in those
Spock didn't acknowledge his romantic feelings for her in one day. At first they're just friends it's only in the last novel written by Alan Gratz that they get together and it happened at least one year before his mother died. I think that in the four years at the academy they got to know each other and did spend a lot of time together.
Wasn't Uhura also his TA? I remember reading it on the official site.
As for the fraternity rules, if such rules exist that they still chose to go against them it means that they shared something that went beyond attraction, I bet though that they kept it private. At least this is my impression in the movie.

To me it makes sense that they had a relationship already as their interactions in the movie while not necessarily sexual in nature have still intimacy and tenderness in them and it wouldn't make sense if they weren't a couple.
Had Uhura not know that he'd welcome her affection and that he needed that, she would have never touched him like that especially when being xenolinguist herself she knows the whole taboo about touching vulcans.
The writers chose to handle their relationship in the right way (as it's subtle and the romantic subplot was showed under the right circustances) and I'm looking forward for more of it in the sequel.
I don't worry about Spock being less Spock or less vulcan.. even in the comics they're handling their relationship well, after all. He's still him just now they added a new depth and maybe he will find a balance between his human and vulcan side. Personally, vulcan-human relationships had always intrigued me but the writers never fully explored the potential of that.


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Hot actors......



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I understood every change made and understood why people liked it, but I hated the alternate reality plot line. What a waste of time. Just reboot it. People understand reboots, we don't need to waste the plot of the first movie on explaining that Kirk and Spock are slightly different. They should've just put the crew together, done the character stuff and had a villain/conspiracy to defeat. The plot was too convoluted and not substantial enough to sustain it.

Rebooted franchise
Put reruns of Trek back on TV
Decent action

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