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Let the children lead


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So, I was just watching a 3rd season episode called let the children lead, it's about children who make hallucinations with help from an alien being, and the crew thought they were still orbiting a planet and they beamed men into space, and they found out because they couldn't beam up the men down there. But in the end they went to space station 4 instead of the planet, so did they forget the team down on the planet?


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I doubt it(they don't show EVERY thing they do or each episode would be 3 hours long!


BTW-the episode is called "And the Children Shall Lead"

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"I'm not opposed to killing the children to get the ship back. I'm not saying I won't feel sorrt afterwards, all I'm saying, is that I'm opposed to it," is what I would have said if I was there.

And juliansgirl17 is right, I don't think there's a Star Trek episode that doesn't have elapsed time.

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