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Worf, Teal'c, or Chewbaka

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Created by: Camorite


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Setting aside that this is a board for star trek, who do you think was the better alien warrior of the three top sci-fi franchises out there?

Personally I think it is a tie between Worf and Teal'c, as Chewie, despite his physical stature, really isn't much of a warrior.

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I'd go for Teal'c - he was a superb martial artist in both armed and unarmed combat, was extremely proficient with ranged weaponry and has a significantly enhanced healing factor; he kind of exceeds Worf in every area except sheer determination and strength (in which I'd suggest they're pretty equal).

While Chewie may be physically the strongest, has a few enhanced senses and was a canny hunter, I don't see him having the finesse in close combat needed to beat Teal'c in a straight up fight nor the same level of ranged weapons proficiency.


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I'm with Teal'c, though i'd tie the other two

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When did we see  Chewbaca actually fight?  1 maybe 2 times and what did he do use his big arm to knock someone over.  He is a big guy just throwing his weight around he is not a warrior.  I went Tealc but Worf was a close second.


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I always saw a similarity between Teal'c and Worf. (Sorry, Chewy, you're more of a sweetheart.) But Worf lost his temper more than Teal'c. So, I say Teal'c.


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Didn't Teal'c have an implant?  Without such help, I think the advantage would go to Worf.

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I love all 3 of them. I can't decide.

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Quote: miklamar @ Jun. 18 2012, 8:49 am


>Didn't Teal'c have an implant?  Without such help, I think the advantage would go to Worf.

He no longer had a Goa'uld and was using Tretonin the last few seasons.  And even after being over 160 years old, he could keep up with Ronan.


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I say Worf. Deciding factor, bat'leth combat. Strength and hand to hand they are about even, as with energy weapons. Te'alc may have an edge with fire arms, and hid symbiote, back when he still had one.

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I am glad SG-1 Teal'c is getting so much love

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Teal'c was a bad MO FO!


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I voted 'Word'.

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