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Anyone Like BOTH Star Trek AND Star Wars


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I enjoy both Star Trek and Star Wars and have even written my own fanfic universe where they are combined. Kind of a fanboy cliche, but I have fun with it. I especially enjoy the books, and base much of what I write on what I've read.

All in all, I think people underestimate how simalar the two are. Yes, Trek is generally more cerebral, but Star Wars has its moments.


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I like them both but I do like Star Trek so much more.

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I grew up with Star Trek (TOS) as my all-time favorite show. When Star Wars came around, Star Trek wasn't being shown much anymore except on New York TV stations. I like Star Wars, particularly the first 3 films, but I am not crazed about it. I much prefer Star Trek over Star Wars.

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Star Wars Takes Third Place Behind Trek And BSG


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I think it would be a pretty safe wager that over half of people who like Star Trek also like Star Wars, and naturally, vice versa (whether or not they admit it... that's another story entirely.) I like both.

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