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Anyone Like BOTH Star Trek AND Star Wars

Momo Spock

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I like both but i like Star Trek better cause of the peace and well its drama,the plot, the actors and i could go on forever

I like Star Wars cause Luke is cool and i like the drama and well its Fascinating... well the original trilogy anyway.

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I liked Star Wars as a kid, though that's waned a lot over the years. I think the prequel triology started the downward spiral before it dawned upon me it was rather poorly written, and overcompensated with plenty of action sequences.

Really though, opinions are just that. Liking, one, the other, both or none are all perfectly acceptable.

Jim Kirk

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I love Star Trek and I like Star Wars.  I feel that Trek is for adults and wars is for kids.  Not meaning to offend just MHO.

Trek has Intriguing stories, so many different classes of stories and sceanarios.

Star Wars has the classic battle of good & evil.  It's simple but it works.

Trek has Klingons, Romulans, Borg, etc

Star Wars Jar Jar, ewoks, etc

I again I like Star Wars but I feel it's geared for kids.  IMHO

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I like both ST and SW. I was probaby more into SW when I was younger, but I got into Star Trek more when TNG rolled around.

I think they both have something interesting to offer story wise, but Star Trek has always been a lot stronger with their character development due to the format.  I continue to prefer ST over SW overall.

I really don’t think you have to only like one franchise. 

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Yeah, I like both. But I was more in to SW when I was a kid. 

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I never got into Star Wars all that much. Sure, I'll watch the movies from time to time (I certainly don't dislike Star Wars), but I'll take Star Trek any day.

Star Wars is still good for humor, though.


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And, there are parallels, such as Spock and Obi-Wan sacrificing themselves for the greater good.


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I was a huge fan of Star Wars for a while, but that was before I ever really watched Star Trek. I still love Star Wars for its intensity which is great if you're watching with friends. But Star Trek has a calm sort of kool which is great at any time! 


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I like both but my heart belongs to Star Trek. 

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I like both.  I like trek a lot less since it butchers science trying to sound realistic.


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well do try to use real science today in star trek at times. Where star wars is all fantasy but you never know in the future that could change, I would love to have a light sabre. 

Star trek for me is a possible/mostly likely future for us while star wars is more fantasy. 

I like both. 


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I like both, but care more about Star Trek, it's about our future, our hopes and dreams. Star Wars is just good space fantasy.

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I am a massive fan of Star Wars , The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi (the films in the Original Trilogy from 1977, 1980, and 1983, respectively).  Also I love the books like the Thrawn Trilogy, and graphic novels/comics like the old Marvel series and Dark Empire.  However, it (mostly) went down the tubes starting with Episode 1 in 1999, and I really detest the horrid Prequel Trilogy as a whole.  Nevertheless, I am still a massive fan of Star Wars...just the "good" Star Wars. 

"Star Trek" was, is, and will always be "Star Trek" (as in the original series). "The Next Generation" is a spectacular show that I more or less consider equal to the original, and DS9 is pretty good (albeit far overrated by many). The first 8 movies are fine by me too!


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I love both. I was standing in line at the cinemas in 1977 to see this thing called Star Wars and was blown away, so it will always have that sentimental attachment. Also, I love Episode I, and think it's the most Star Warsy of the prequels, but II and III have serious problems. Star Trek is more engaging on an intellectual level that Star Wars doesn't get anywhere near (not that it needs to), but they both have a place in my heart.

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