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Hi, I am new here to this board.

Has it occured to anyone else that with the exception of Seven of Nine that Tom Paris has fathered offspring with all of the regular female characters. Ok, he and Janeway were not quite human when it happened and Kes had her daughter in an alternate reality, but still.

Also, in the episode Fury, did it seem to anyone that evil Kes seemed to especially want to hurt B'Elanna?



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Well Tom Paris was the ladies man of the show until season 4/5 when they had him "settle down." But as for Tom not hooking up with Seven, he probably knew he had no chance so didn't even bother trying.

Threshold was poorly written nonsense, possibly one of the worst Trek ever did.

Fury was better, but not much. Still didn't make sense Kes just went physcho and wanted to kill everyone. They really did Jennifer Lien a diservice by having THAT be her return.


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lol, I just read a reference to the episode which shall not be named in the book 'Homecoming': Someone asked Janeway if she had children and she wondered if she should mention the little lizards.

I hope Christie Golden intended to make a joke and not affirm this episode as canon.


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Maybe that was why Chakotay always seemed to give Paris such a wide berth. I mean he rocked Janeway's world that episode.

But yeah, I remember that scene from the book. I just took it at face value and laughed. Those those baby lizards(since they are EVOLVED humans. Everyone knows humans will evolve into LIZARDS) will create a spacial empire of Godzillas and the next Trek series will be them invading.

You heard it here first.


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Gosh, don't give any authors any ideas!!!

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Actually in Day of Honor when Tom got fed up with B'Elanna he tried to put the moves on seven in the hallway. I think it hinted out that if Tom didn't make up with B'Elanna they would have been a Tom/Seven relationship. But I'm gald they kept the Tom/B'Elanna relationship they made a better couple.

I think it's weird how all the men on the show had a thing for Seven... Harry, Chactay, Tom, the Doctor...they were all trying to hook up with her. I could see why but there were other women on Voyager. Geez.

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