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TOS Alphabet 2

Trek 2.0

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Report this Jun. 13 2012, 7:45 pm

I'll give an example.
A- Andorian
B- Betazoid
C- Cardassian
D- Doctor McCoy
E- "Energize."
F- Ferengi
G- Generations
H- Heavy class cruiser.
I- Ion storm.
J- J class starship.
K- K-7 space sation.
L- Leonard Nimoy.
M- Majel Roddenberry.
N- Nemesis.
O- Original Series.
P- Picard.
Q- Q.
R- Replicator.
S- Spock.
T- Tribble.
U- Undine.
V- Voyager.
W-Wrath of Khan.
X- XII. (Number of movies so far.)
Y- Yeoman.
Z- Zachary Quinto. 

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