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The NEW Trek movies are like the Ewok movies.


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I have to disagree. I like the new Star Trek. I am a trekkie and so all Trek related media I will like to some degree or another. Some might be fairly low i.e. The Motion Picture, most of the books and comicbooks, and some episodes from all the Star Treks. 

But I will never say it is not Star Trek. Things change, relationships change, the world changes, but still you can always recognize the essence of what you want, or at least I can. Star Trek is awesome and it will remain so, whatever direction it goes, because I know the essence will remain, otherwise it isn't whatever it's supposed to be. Some might argue that the new movie isn't Star Trek, well to me and many other's it is and that's that, it ain't going to change. Anything else is useless arguiing and pointless posturering. I apoligize if I offend anybody with that last comment, but the truth can hurt sometime, if not a lot of times

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This whole thing reminds me of the fued between "Trekkies" (Fans of TOS) and "Trekkers"(fans of TNG) back in 1987. Eventually, they reconciled, and went on to accept DS9 and Voyager. (Many had a tougher time accepting Enterprise, and there is still debate today about its validity.)

Trek 2009 was a good movie, once you wrap your head around the whole alternate timeline thing. I'm willing to see what they do with it before casting stones.

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Bless your deluded hearts. I swear sometimes reading posts on this board and other fan sites is like being in a time warp where the most rabid fans are perpetual 7 years olds who can't fathom that their perception and beliefs aren't the absolute truth.

No need to rehash what Vger and Mitch have already said. If you don't like what is being presented as ST you don't have to pay your good money to watch or own it. You have ZERO control over what the legal owners of the franchise choose to do with the brand. You have 100% control over where your money goes. Exercise your control and maintain your sanity by viewing/reading what YOU like and ignore everything else. Simple.

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Quote: robapel @ Jun. 12 2012, 1:37 pm


>So if most Star Wars fans refuse to accept or acknowledge the 2 Ewok movies as real Star Wars and since they are not to be found on the Star Wars web site then can we PLEASE do the same thing with the 2009 movie and the upcoming one? Let's not accept them nor acknowledge them as real Star Trek and remove any and all mention and indication of them from this web site.


Funny, I was thinking we should all do the same thing with your thread.

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