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Seeing Voyager for the first time.

Data's Girl

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Report this Jun. 11 2012, 9:54 pm

Alright, so I'm watching voyager for the first time... I'm up to the episode when they encounter the aliens with the disease called the phage a second time.

Overall, I liked the way they split B'Elanna Torres into two people, however, when they killed that officer for his face, I got a bit more than freaked out.

Seeing WAY to much holocaust reference, and since I'm jewish, it kinda weirded me out.

Obviously I'm not seeing the full potential of this episode, so I'd like your opinions, and your opinions on all the episodes after it as I watch them.

tai nasha no karosha :)


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I'm excited to read about your first experiences watching Voyager, Data's Girl!  I think you'll find Voyager to be similar in format to The Next Generation.  It might not be my favorite Star Trek series, but I respect its early attempts at being different from what came before.

After you've finished with Voyager, is there any chance that you would move on to review Deep Space Nine?  You don't know what you're missing!


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I don't think Voyager is more gross and violent than the other ST-series, but here's a list of episodes which I find contain scenes more violent and gross than the average episode:


Cold Fire


The Thaw




Random Thoughts

The Killing Game


Flesh and Blood


If you like to avoid these, I'd read about the content of 'Cold Fire', 'Meld' and 'Flesh and Blood' because they contain some important character development and get referenced later.

Data's Girl

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I don't avoid, I'm just a bit freaked out. This is the person who watched all the Halloween movies uncencored without batting an eye.

I might move on to DS9... Perhaps. Any feedback on this ep?

tai nasha no karosha :)


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The premise of the episode Faces was interesting. The two B'elanna's each of them seeing something in the other they don't like. A lot of good character devolopment.

Alas for Crewman Nobody, he had no chance when he was chosen for that mission. That is probably the most gruesome scene I can recall about Voyager, though I guess there are a few Borg scenes later on that come close.

Really there's nothing too bad that comes to mind.


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Report this Jun. 17 2012, 7:57 pm

That was one of my favorite episodes. I haven't seen it in a while unfortunatley but I remember how much I loved seeing the two of them work together. 

I thought it was well done.

"Reed Alert, that's not bad"...Malcolm Reed

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