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Stardates aren't chronological?


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There are plenty of websites that calculate stardates into real dates... but they all agree that the higher the number, the later the date.

But it doesn't work.  There are many examples, but if I just use one:

Season 1, Episode 6: Where No One Has Gone Before.  At the end of this episode, Wesley Crusher is made an Acting Ensign. This is stardate 41263.

Season 1, Episode 7: Lonely Among Us. Dr Crusher says to Wesley "You're only an Acting Ensign" - suggesting that he had been given the title already, which would make sense since it's the previous episode. But the stardate is 41249 which is before 41263.

This happens again and again, where the aired order is correct but the stardates are wrong.

So the last three digits of stardates really are just random made up numbers?


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It's really quite simple. When you do that much faster-than-light travel, the relativistic effects cause time distortions, which cause you to be a little out of sync with the rest of the universe. Therefore it might be Thursday to you, but to everyone else it's last Tuesday. The Enterprise has to keep resetting its clocks.


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Actually, the math regarding warp physics shows that time inside a space ship passes at the same rate as time on earth or another planet. Time dilation is beginning to be disregarded because the ship - at warp - really isn't moving within his own pocket of space-time (the warp bubble). The ship is warping the surrounding space to arrive at a distant point faster than light without actually having approached light speed. The only potential for time dilation may be when the ship is entering or exiting warp.

However, time dilation isn't needed to explain inconsistencies in stardates; it could be as simple as Galactic Time Zones.


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I thought they were supposed to be chronological.  But, with all the time-traveling done, it is hard to tell.

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There is a different between the Star-Trek star date and the ``real`` star date

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