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How could they not have enough work Klingon archorly as subplot Star Terk 2013


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I think number ways do it if not did not want cut out. First Klingon just aiming to get rid of someone. Klingon train archer try get rid Admiral. Maybe Caption Pike rank of Admiral he end dying Kirk.  Maybe minor Kirk over come hatter for Klingon again. Or if Parmount for what ever reason want Klingon to stay out it all together. The fact Kirk let starfleet intellegnce look matter maybe smell talk about very end movie.Kirk let go wish to find people harm Admrial Pike and complete important misson. It very smell part Kirk talk wants one find out who did why but talk by another starfleet office maybe MR. Spock. Smell ethic leason Sometime let other do job you wish to do because they can do better. If Parmount taking advice on movie death Admiral Pike making Kirk less eager work the Klingon if only issues do work not timing be better excuss.


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I think I just had an aneurysm...

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