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Better baddies: the Jem'hadar or the Hirogen?


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Between the Jem'hadar and the Hirogen ... who's smarter, stronger, cooler? I like them both, but Tony Todd makes the Hirogen look cooler.


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Smarter and stronger?

The Jem'Hadar by far. They nearly brought the entire Alpha Quadrant alliance down. The Hirogen really weren't that threatening to anyone except one lone ship given their nomadic nature.


Really a matter of personal opinion but the Hirogen just struck me as a nomadic offshoot of Klingons where the Jem'Hadar had an incredibly complex backstory with their enslavement to the Founders and role in the Dominion.


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Pretty much what RStar said. The Hirogen were never developed in any meaningful way, while the Jem'Hadar became villains to rival the Borg.

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The Hirogen had some good moments, even capruring the crew of Voyager, but I still think the Jem'Hadar are tougher all around, and scarier, in most ways. Except that the Hirogen skin you and hang your head on their wall.

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And the Hirogen occaisonally did work in "packs", with two or three ships working together, a Hirogen said this on an episode of Voyager. Hand to hand is about even, weapons are comparable, but the Jem 'Hadar have vast numbers and never need to rest. Without help from the Federation or other allies, the Hirogen are doomed to extinction.

Never drink with your enemies! Well, maybe just one round...


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One-on-one, I would pick the Hirogen.  But, based upon replacable numbers, the Jem'Hadar would probably win, in the long run.

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both of them.


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The Jem'Hadar would win. They don't care about getting hurt or dying. And yes, that is because when you see one, you know theirs LOTS more (Beetle, Roach or other bug shaped ships). Easy to kill one, impossible to kill in mass.


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Jem'Hadar also have the Vorta and shape shifters on their side, makes a hard fight even harder. Also, their waepons are wicked, their energy weapons stop blood from clotting, assuring a slow death by bleeding if shot.

Never drink with your enemies! Well, maybe just one round...


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While I like 'em both, I personally prefer the Hirogen


But yeah, from a military standpoint, The Jem'Hadar definitely would win


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The Hirogen (even though they were a total rip-off of the creatures from the Predator movies, right down to them hanging the skulls of their prey on their walls) had the potential of being a truly interesting enemy race, but ended up being completely ruined and wasted just like so many of the other alien races on ST:VOY. The writers did the exact same thing to the Borg and Species 8472. The Hirogen were quite physically imposing and potentially very dangerous the first few times we saw them (and I have to admit, seeing a Hirogen fighting a Species 8472 barehanded was pretty cool in an “Alien vs. Predator” kind of way), but the more the writers deviated from the original concept and the more they had them just standing around talking or arguing with Capt. Janeway, the less interesting and intimidating they became. By the time we got to Hirogen dressed as Nazis, playing games in Voyager’s holodeck, it was all over. The Hirogen had become just another ruined VOY race, overrated and cliché.

By contrast, I feel that the Jem'Hadar were actually handled very well on ST: DS9. Sure they were never quite as intriguing or well developed as say the Klingons, Romulans or Cardassians, yet they remained, from start to finish, both consistent and 100% credible as the highly effective, single-minded soldiers bred for the sole purpose to fight and die for the Founders that they were originally written to be.


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I would have to say Jem'Hadar, they are conquest minded Warriors, the Hirogen were a race that expressed it's culture through Hunting - not quite a long term threat.



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The Hirogen were a dissapointment. They started being mysterious, big (much taller than a human) and scary. Ended up being human size or smaller, wining about how their culture was going to die because of their lifestyle.

The Jem'Hadar were consistant thru out all of DS9. So Jem'Hadar, hands up.

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