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New Star Trek Villain - why It Should Not Be Khaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!


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Im really hoping they dont ruin Khan like they have ruined Kirk and Spock. Heres an article that makes a lot of sense on why khan shouldnt be the villain in ''star Trek 2''


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Simon Peg has said Khan in the movie is just a rumour

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Cumberbach will do well as Khaaan, though.


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Vger23 made a really eccellent post on the subject a while ago. I hope he doesn't mind if I repost it here:


"I have to admit, I didn't really want Khan. But, now that it's happened, and I've been able to process the reality of it in real-time...I see that it is an absolutely brilliant idea. It's brilliant for several reasons:

1. Love it or hate it or anywhere in will intrigue the fanbase enough so that everyone will want to see how it gets pulled off. Some will go hoping to see it succeed. Some will go hoping it will fail. But we'll all go.

2. It's an iconic and recognizable character that could be explored much more deeply. In TWOK, even though Khan was iconic and evil, he was fairly one-dimensional. In "Space Seed" he was more of a gathered, arrogant, power-hungry superman with a deep intellect and a sense of romanticism. I think there's a lot of unexplored territory there.

3. As I mentioned's a huge risk. That generates buzz and excitement...which (again) is what Star Trek needs in this era. That's what the last film did so well. The 2009 film was good, but not great...but what it did better than any other Trek movie was generate a buzz and get people excited. That's something the franchise had been missing for a LONG time. Khan is buzzworthy. There's no buzzworthyness about saying "Benedict Cumberdubmerbatch (or whatever) is playing a half-betazoid evil derranged terrorist bent on ruining the fabric of the space time continuum with his Dooberhickey device." Yawn. Just another forgettable bad guy with a random sci-fi motive for being mean to people.

4. It's a great marketing tool. The casual movie-goer doesn't give a $hit about having a "unique villian" (see Insurrection and Nemesis as prime examples of bad attempts at "unique villians." But, if there's any ONE Star Trek movie sub-title that just about everyone's "The Wrath of Khan..." and everyone knows that movie was considered the best one. It's recognizable, it's fun, and it will pique interest in folks who otherwise might have bought a ticket to another movie.

I think it's a great idea.

NOW, the pressure will be on the creative team and the actors. Because it's an "all or nothing" gamble. It will either be absolutely fantastic or it will be a horrendous disappointment. But, doesn't that sound familliar?? It was the same deal with re-casting and re-imagining the TOS universe for the first film. And, that paid off with the critics, general audiences, and most fans. So, this is the next logical step following that same philosophy."

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Im sorry everything in the above pasted comment is what is going wrong with the star trek franchise. Its being watered down down pander to the casual movie goer who dosent care or wish to invest time in the franchise like we do. They tried to appeal all the TNG movies to the casual audience and that is why they didnt work, they lost what made the TV series so popular.

And Khan was not a one dimension charracter in Space Seed, far from it.  That is why he is so memorable. Montlaban elevated him from the standard TV villain.

The article highlights exactly what will go wrong if they try to redress Khan for the new audience and how it will ruin the charracter in the same way Kirk and Spock have been (especially Spock)


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I totally agree with this article , if they are to include khan into the new jj film, all trek fans will inherintly compare it to TROK witch most fans consider to be untouchable.

I dont agree that 09 ruined kirk and spock i think it was just a way of pandering to a younger and more generalised audiance, to aim for a big hollywood style movie sucsess(witch they got)it may well have inspired new fans to watch the old films and TOS as well.

whats wrong with the ST franchise(as well as the rest of the world is greed), they made something amazing with TOS and ST films 1 - 6 and couldnt leave it there , im not saying the other stuff wasnt good DS9 was very good in some parts but this whole reboot thing is just a lazy attempt to rehash the past and use it as a platfrom for a monitary gain

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