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Where do you go to fix these?

Data's Girl

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Leave it to me to be the only person in the universe to acually STEP on my entire collection of star trek action figures. So now the paint is all scratched and worn away... I feel so terrible! is there any way to fix the paint? Without paying a hundred bars of latinum? 

tai nasha no karosha :)


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I suppose you'd have to compare the cost of buying another action figure to that of the time, effort and cost of getting some paint, matching the color exactly and touching up the figure.

If you're actively erm... playing with them, then chances are they will have their wear and tear.

Data's Girl

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Well, I'm 14, so I like to "play" with them. I make up episodes ^.^ (Now to the point: I am extremely unartistic, So even if I got the paint, I would just botch it. I was asking if anyone knew where I could get it fixed. Thanks for your help )

tai nasha no karosha :)


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Well, don't worry, my little brat cousin managed to find my Miniture Horse collection an break the leg of 5 of them including a newer one i got and lose one of the foals.



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If you're good at painting, including fine painting, could try repainting those parts. Regarding replacing them - that's if you can still get those figurines.  


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The actionfigure would be more worth if you kept it in the original packing.

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