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Can you do art?


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Yeah... So do you like to use pens? pencils? digital art? got hints and tips you wanna share? go ahead, feel free to post pictures you did/wished you did/thought was cute



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Well its my job. I freelance design, illustration and other media forms.
I airbrush, I illustrate in digital and traditional and have some animation experience both traditional, digital and 3d forms.
I love to sketch animals, people and sometimes make up creatures in character and realistic forms.
I pretty much tried it all.
As for being good well I guess that is the other persons opinion. 

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Can I...


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To the left of this screen is a sample of my art. Judge for yourself.

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i drew a freakishly realistic looking mr. Data the other day....



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Hoof Arted

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I wish I could.


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I study art history, but ironically I can't draw for crap.


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I draw with a mechanical pencil, a black pen (for tracing over my artwork), and I color with colored pencils. I usually love to draw in Japanese anime style. However I always struggle with shading.


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I draw all the time but share my work sparingly. I like to paint and sculpt and do all kinds of different things. One of my goals when I get done with being in school full time is to learn how to paint better. (I am in an engineering school, art is not necessarily encouraged in the curricula, unless you are a geology major) 

I'm majored in Chemistry since the lab is kind of like a kitchen :-P


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Shading? try drawing with a common pencil to practice shading- Try a vase or simple symetrcal shapes with diffrent light points. I do this for exersises, stare at a picture or object for about 5 minutes. It works better to practice greyscale. Just don't get addicted to that style like i did, though it can look really cool.



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Yeah, I do some things here and there. Mostly digital right now because I've found that to be the most convenient/cost effecient, but I find traditional mediums are by far the most thereapeutic.   Inks are probably my top favorite to work with, just love messing with it and getting my clothes all speckled. Pencils have always been a preferred chose of mine, and because I'm a complete amateur highlighters are the main utensils I've been using to colour with, but that's mostly because I've had school full time until about a week ago. Use to practice working with coloured pencils a lot in the past, but not so much in the present. Total fan of oil pastels too, but I haven't had the opportunity to use them in a while either.


As far as digital art, anything really goes for me. I tend to skim through various art programs because I just love toying around with effects and tools, also I don't shy away from giving feedback.  Currently Corel Painter Essentials 4 and Art Rage Studio Pro are my main squeezes, but I've been trying to get more into using Adobe Photoshop. For some reason I've never been into using PS for "artsy" stuffs, but I know it's just about used by everyone for everything else so I figured I'd give the swiss army knife another go myself. 


As much as I like dabbling though, I'm still a complete and total amateur. So I can't really give anyone helpful advice unless I actually see their work, and even then I tend to word things poorly. Also I'm really conservative about showing off my work, and I've found it's easier to talk me into a root canal than to share my stuff publicly.  Sorry to be a dissapointment, but when it comes to my art I don't really think there's much to get worked up about to begin with.



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I like doing art, but I don't think I am very good in it, but nevermind, I always do that in boring lessons


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I doodle in margins too


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Thanks for your art advice DataWorfFanTotally !! I'm just not used to greyscale art since  I've always been addicted to colorful artwork lol.

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