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A Christmas Carol & Sir Patrick Stewart


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Hi all I am new to these forums but a long time fan of star trek


My name's Greg  Nice to meet you all


Anyway I have a question, I am going to this year's Dragon*Con again and Sir Patrick Stewart is going this year.

I have always admired a great many of his career decisions on what parts to play and such. But there was one in paticular that has always meant the WORLD to me.

(TNT Presents) A Christmas Carol, Iv always felt that each actor brings their own quirks and uniqueness to a character that has been played before, but something just always stood out about my love for Sir patrick stewarts portrail of old Scrouge...

I feel he really must of been able to get into the character and therefore was able to give off this total digust for the holiday seasons that I had never seen in previous scrouges. etleast not on such a level as his.


Now for the question: I have a 142 year old copy of Charles dickins "A Christmas Carol" from about 1869 in NEAR PERFECT condition for a book of it's age and binding etc. All pages intact etc.

Would I be insulting Sir Stewart by asking him to sign it? Also I know he would be charging but should I offer to pay extra for it being a little out of the normal of his signing of things? Or would that insult him in some way?

I just really don't like stepping on anyone's toes, given their Sir Stewarts or not


Also I wanted to tell him how much his choice of playing a role such as Scrouge means to me without getting too personal and making us both feel awkward. What would be a good way to thank him in few but good words while being from the heart?

I would greatly appreciate any and all advice!

Also if it's okay with the admin's of this forum, come about sept 4th I would very much like either necro this post or post a new one with pictures of the signature on my book


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Although I fully understand you wanting him to sign the book, I think that if you have something that old and in such good condition, I know that I'd preserve it and not have anyone sign it.  Now having him sign a newer copy of the book would be okay.... but that's just my 2 cents.


As for updating your post.... the thread must be kept active.  I think the Admins lock it after three months of inactivity.

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