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Favorite DS9 Character

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Created by: kjaneway11


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Who's your favorite DS9 character?

Anime Odo

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Odo!!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE him

"I don't believe in luck, but I appreciate the sentiment." - Odo


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I gotta vote Quark. His bar was literally the heart of Deep Space 9 and he brought a presence to the show that would have made it dull if he wasn't there.

You may not like his values, but he has his rules and lives by them and his plotting and scheming is always fun to watch.

The love/hate relationship between him and Odo was always funny.

Sure he'd sell you out if he could profit from it, but underneath all his greed he did have a heart of gold.


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I liked most of the DS9 characters.  One of my favorites, who was not listed by name, is Elim Garak.

Var Miklama--Zakdorn, engineer. "A sound mind in a FULL body!" "Time, like latinum, is a limited quantity in the galaxy."


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How did you NOT put JULIAN?


He gets my vote 

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Why did I have to add those words when I posted my response? Aren't I already loggin in?


And I have to do it again for this post!  


As if the Jump to a forums feature being down isn't enough! 


Somebody is driving us all away from here

"Your quality will be known among your enemies before ever you meet them, my friend"-Alexander Siddig in Kingdom of Heaven


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I voted Sisko, but all characters on DS9 are great.

DS9 RULES!!!!!


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Quark ...but I love all the ferengi!


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I voted Odo because I love the thought of a man that can turn to puddy in my arms. 

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LOL how is Dr. Bashir not up there?

You don't mess with the Sisko!


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I have never liked Bashir.  He seemed to dry and unintentionally showy.  It's like, 'hey I can't help it that my brain is a super-computer!'

I was asked to write a 4 page essay on any subject of my choosing. I wrote about why ST Voyager is by far better than TNG and DS9, and that Voyager is Star Trek at it's best. And you can quote me on that!


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Senior Chief Petty Officer Miles Edward O'Brien. He's a supremely complicated character that never gets enough love and constantly ends up with the short end of the shaft. More "human" than anybody else in the entire franchise. He is the every-man. It very well could have been any one of us in that role and it would have still been just as authentic.

Consider: The only enlisted man on the senior staff, always doing the brunt of the actual work, while everyone else just talks about what they should or shouldn't be doing. Miles constantly makes things happen while someone else gets credit for coming up with the idea. Separated from his family for over half the show (DS9), constanly worried about their well-being while, at the same time, repeatedly putting himself in harms way to save the life of his bosses. He has held more positions than any other character: Conn, Security, Tactical, Maintenance, Transporter Chief, Engineering, Ops, ground-based Soldier, and Intel Operative.

Hell, even the DS9 producers came up with a concept anytime they ran out of ideas they'd make an "O'Brien Must Suffer" episode.  If you want more reasons to love O'Brien... "Falco", "Smiley", and who doesn't like a coffee-drinking, Cardie-hating, Asian-loving, Irish minstrel boy?

"The minstrel boy to the war has gone,
In the ranks of death you'll find him...
His father's sword he hath girded on,
And his wild harp slung be-hind him...
Land of song, said the warr-ior bard,
Tho all the world betrays... thee...,
One sword at least thy rights shall guard,
One faithful harp shall praise thee."

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"Reed Alert, that's not bad"...Malcolm Reed


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Unappreciated by many, yet for me, it is Ezri Dax.


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"Borg. Sounds Swedish."

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