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Favorite DS9 Character

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Created by: kjaneway11


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DS9 had a lot of great characters. I like Worf, especially in DS9, but I also like Sisko, Jadzia, O'brien, and Quark a lot too...

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Jadzia had long been a favorite by I like Kira a lot now. Quark was always fun and interesting to watch. Side character favorites include the ever charming Weyoun, Garak, Kai winn, and Dukat


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Quark and Odo are my two favorites I guess.


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Odo! I always like the character that is on the outside looking in. For that same reason Data is my favorite TNG character.


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Several characters are on the outside looking in, that's one of DS9's charms.  Garak is on the outside because he's the only Cardasian.  Quark is on the outside because he's not one of the station's officers, either Starfleet or Bajorian.



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Sen Sisko, b/c he was so different than any of the other Captains on other Treks. Much more emotional and a more damaged character that was so interesting to watch.

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I voted for Jadzia but IF Dr.Bashir was on there, I would have voted for him in a second.


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Love how "Other" is winning.

I wonder how many are for Garak or Dukat!


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1. Odo 

2. Kira 

3. Ben Sisko  

4. Quark  

5. Jadzia Dax  

6. Julian Bashir  

7. Miles O'Brien 

8. Nog  

9. Worf  

10. Dukat  

11. Female Changeling  

12. Garak  

13. Rom 

14. Leeta 

15. Weyoun 

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Mine is Garak, it second place it would be Quark.


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Worf is the man but Sisko is right behind him. Great show.


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Tough. I voted Sisko, but Kira is close and on another day I might have picked her.


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How is it that Garak is not on that list up there? Are you drunk?

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How is Chief O'Brien tied for second-to-last palace? Dude, y'all are not thinking clearly--this is a simple matter of the Chief rocks harder than all others. Gimme those votes!

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Senior Chief Petty Officer Miles Edward O'Brien. He's a supremely complicated character that never gets enough love and constantly ends up with the short end of the shaft. More "human" than anybody else in the entire franchise. He is the every-man. It very well could have been any one of us in that role and it would have still been just as authentic.

Consider: The only enlisted man on the senior staff, always doing the brunt of the actual work, while everyone else just talks about what they should or shouldn't be doing. Miles constantly makes things happen while someone else gets credit for coming up with the idea. Separated from his family for over half the show (DS9), constanly worried about their well-being while, at the same time, repeatedly putting himself in harms way to save the life of his bosses. He has held more positions than any other character: Conn, Security, Tactical, Maintenance, Transporter Chief, Engineering, Ops, ground-based Soldier, and Intel Operative.

Hell, even the DS9 producers came up with a concept anytime they ran out of ideas they'd make an "O'Brien Must Suffer" episode.  If you want more reasons to love O'Brien... "Falco", "Smiley", and who doesn't like a coffee-drinking, Cardie-hating, Asian-loving, Irish minstrel boy?

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Tho all the world betrays... thee...,
One sword at least thy rights shall guard,
One faithful harp shall praise thee."[/quote]

Took the words right out of my mouth. Im a Technician and when i watch star trek i think of all the customers that call wanting things to be fixed and im a one man team. But i try to make it so lol anyway thats y i voted for the Chief i relate to the man. O'brien fix this fix that. 

I enjoy what i do and chose it as my profession but i understand what its like having people think you just wave a sonic screwdriver and thats it. LOL

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