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DS9 Ending

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randy kerr

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they are a great match.


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I think what 4 Cardassia said made a lot of sense but it realy bothers me that Jake was left without a father. Is Sisco dead? Is he with the Prophets? The whole thing was unclear to me. He just got married his son is without a father.....i gotta say for all the things this man did for the Federation, I think he deserved a better ending. He said he had so many things to do. Yeah okay what about your son? I dont know. Besides Kirk he was my favorite captain. I just dont like the way they left off with his character. And you all knew they werent going to make a movie to some the whole thing up. I gotta say I was dissapointed with the whole thing. Voyager had the best ending to me of all the series. THE WENT HOME. end of story. BRING SISKO BACK! WE NEED HIM TO FIGHT OBAMA!.....its a joke dont get mad.

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