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The Langport

The Ritorians have been stepping up their activities, their activities becoming more and aggressive by the day, itching for expansion from their comparitively small territory. They'd doubled in size since Starfleet last checked and now they were worried. Ritorian technology was catching up quickly and they weren't going to back down easily. Pegasus Fleet already in the region were ordered to oversee patrols and prevent further expansion into Federation territory, to protect their citizens and then the Soujourners broke away. Tensions flared especially when the Ritorians launched a large strike force the likes of which Federation had very little intelligence about.

Eventually, although particularly uneasy with still frequent bursts of violence a sense of stability had come to all regions involved. Each day became easier, the patrols quietened down and the politics took its part or did it. Pegasus Fleet command seemed to think so but one officer wasn't so sure and he elected to take his vessel to the far side of Ritorian space a six to twelve month round trip at best. With his established, experienced and well trained crew they ventured forth to retrieve Intelligence that frankly the Command had no real interest in receiving other than hobbyism and clearing the books.

Coming to towards their destination, they detected what appeared to be a mass collision of two battle forces. From their own intelligence it appeared like the Ritorians were fighting someone, but who? Instead of investigating more thoroughly they turned back unwilling to engage and signalled a Federation Starbase, much closer than its home Starbase 332 that it was going to return there.

Yet it never arrived and it wasn't like they were worried because ships normally signalled from quite a distance away about their intentions.

Languishing in the dark reaches of space, adrift, empty and powerless in an unknown, unfamiliar, uncharted territory, the once experienced crew had mostly vanished, the warp core shut down and all systems locked.

The year is 2386 and The Langport is just getting started.

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CO Murik King

Positions Available: Chief Medical Officer | Chief Intelligence Officer | Chief of Security & Chief Engineer

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