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What If....


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Concerning the sub-headline... Don't worry, I'll clean it up afterwards

lol j/k

Well, I would like very much to be with Data, I'm sure he would be the perfect guy to listen to my strange thoughts and I could have discussions about things no one else would take about.

I'd also like to discuss philosophical things with Picard, although I would probably prefer to listen to him and give a comment every now and then.

For having a fun time I would consult Tom Paris and we would do some cool stuff together!

Of course if I'd get a chance to do... nasty things with the person...  I would choose Jadzia Dax. Or Hoshi Sato. I don't like T'Pol or Seven too much, I don't like these kind of "babes". Beverly Crusher would also be fine, but only her season 6/7 appearance lol


I'm a huge Star Trek fan from Germany! I'm currently working on my own series, so stay tuned. (I will update this signature eventually)


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I would go to Europe with Data and Picard. I might get a bit tired of Data correcting me if i say something wrong hahaha


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My top 3:

Picard: Would love to learn about all the history that he's learned from archeology.
Wesley: Be great to hang out with a fellow "geek" (just as long as he's not the "Evil Will Weaton" if Dr. Parrish [Eureka] showed up I'd be ok with that too.
Q: Only if I had complete say when and where we go (i.e Q2 gives me powers to prevent Q from messing with me & or anything else).


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I have to say I have a tie between Picard and Data but of coarse I choose Picard. If I could spend one week with him I would talk to him about all his experiences and ask him for advice about everything from love to tea lol. Then enjoy a hot cup of Earl Grey at his old family vineyard in France it would be the perfect ending to the perfect week with an awesome man lol.

Picard or Kirk? Psh Picard!


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I would hang out with the Gorn. It would be great! I would teach it ambo jitsu so we could spar everyday. If the Gorn was not available....7 of 9 would be acceptable I suppose......

"Ten thousand dollars for me by myself. For that you get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing."

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The TOS, and TNG crews. The holodeck for awhile, then I'd take em' to school, and be like, I TOLD YOU SO!

Pixie Fadang

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Greetings from a newbie!  Such a positive topic, so decided on this (rather than the 'hated character') for first post.  I love science, but am ingrained with superstition!

To the topic:  Picard!  Horseback riding, archaeology, holodeck trips to the 1940's with 'Dix'! I'd probably take up a whole day listening to hiim talk about the impact of having lived an entire life & having children, then being returned to the Enterprise a mere 25 mins later (assuming the magic week includes someone as reclusive as Picard opening up to such a personal discussion).

Newbie note:  nice to be here - seems like the Very Best Humans can be found on this site!

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