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Who was your favorite guest star?

Shatner's Grim Reaper

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I would never argue against Windom....very memorable appearance.


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For me it was always Jane Wyatt and Mark Lenard...they seemed to be the embodiment of a pair of parents that truly cared. Plus, they looked so cute together! 

I had the unbelievable experience of meeting Mark, and to tell you that he took my breath away is an understatement. So tall, so...commanding - (like his role as the Romulan) his voice resonated in my rib cage, it was so booming, and his hands, so big - I was very nearly speechless, when he put his arm aound me and asked me some questions, and what could one do, but answer, with that hypnotic melody in his voice?

All the time that I spoke to him, I couldn't get it out of my head (I'm talking to SAREK! It's SAREK! Auugggghhhh!) Seriously, I was wondering when I'd feel the tendrils of his powerful mentality tugging at my brain-stem! He didn't have to. All he did was talk to me quietly. 

He was such an awesome actor. Really. 


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you're right Commandamanda they did work well together and that's a great story re meeting Mark Lenard!

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Roger C. Carmel (Harry Mudd)

Ricardo Montalban (Khan)

John Colicos (Kor)

Robert Lansing (Gary Seven)

This list actually could go on forever, as I like almost all of them.


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Ricardo Montalban as Khan.

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It would be  a toss up between Sharon Acker, Sabrina Scharf, Emily Banks, n Charlene Polite for the ladies,  n for the men it would be Roger Carmel.

And indeed Wm. Windom was fantasic as Decker, should 've won an Emmy.

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Joan Collins in The City on the Edge of Forever


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I'd have to say Morgan Woodward in Omega Glory and Dagger of the Mind. He's the most memorable quite a character for sure.

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