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What would kind of game would like to see made after Star Trek 2013??


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I'm not much of a gamer anymore, but here's my idea

The no. 1 thing I'd want to see would be a Knights of the Old Republic/Mass Effect style single player RPG. The game would be structured around the player leading away missions to classic Star Trek locations, and having some tasks to do on the ship in between. You'd have to choose which crew members you'd want to take along, and they'd all have drawbacks and bonuses just like RPG classes (i.e, Security officer, science officer, medic exc.) Ideally I'd want it in the TOS movie era (I mean Khan and the Search for Spock, not ST 2009) but 24th century would be fine too. The main thing would have to be a great story and characters



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How about this for a game idea a Star Trek armada 3 but in the time of Kirk near the end of the 5 year mission but I need all of your help to fill in the blanks


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I'm not sure if you guys have heard of the game engine Unity, but I'm pretty handy with it I suppose. I could attempt to make a Trek game to your specifications and such, if you'd all help me out with what you want. As a Star Trek fan myself, I would make sure not to ruin it with timeline changes/random things that really just aren't Trek.

What do you think?


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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to show off this game to help you decide if you want to buy it or not.

I am giving away 2 FREE COPIES of this game as well as 2 FREE COPIES of Dead Island Riptide

Heres how to win:




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How about something where you could walk around the ENTIRE original series Enterprise? 

50th anniversary coming up, this is a great tribute

Demo available now, full version coming in a few weeks, check it out, 100% free of course (fan-created, unlicensed).


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I posted about a voyager game in the voyager forum.

Basically you are starting from the point of awaking in the delta quadrent but you do not have to follow the story line.  The main mission is to get back home but you can start out in any federation ship.  You would be responsible for all duties charged with a captain. There would be upkeep for the crew and ship to keep everything ship shape.

There are different visual modes to play in, 3rd person view of the ship, 1st/3rd person on the bridge, and gride mode or stellar cartography view.  Each view has its own control method. View of the sip and stellar catography have a Hud and menus while on the bridge it is crew interaction.  I was thinking there could also be ship roaming, going into the different areas, good for the long distances between events.

Also added story lines and refit opportunities that were not in the show or did not have enough detail before. 

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