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Should Dr. Selar been the Chief Medical officer in the 2nd season instead of Dr.Pulaski ?

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Created by: DammitJim6200


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Let's face it, Dr Selar was one hot Vulcan beauty, as I recall she was only in one episode, she was only mentioned once or twice..When Beverly Crusher went to StarFleet medical, Dr Pulaski took over as Chief Medical Officer, while she was a good doctor she often came across as crusty and forceful like a female Dr. McCoy, Selar was a doctor who was  cool and sophisticated, I believe she would bring a new Dynamic to TNG if she would had stayed, I think she's in the New Frontier novels, who thinks Selar should had been The Chief Medical Officer ?  


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A snarling Klingon medic would have been better than Pulaski.


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It would have been neat to have Selar in more episodes. She's been in several novels, despite her limited screen time.

I would have preferred Pulaski in a few more seasons. Definitely my favourite Trek doctor after Bones.


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Vulcan women are very sexy.....It would have been interesting!!!   Crusher may not have gotten her job back and there probably would have been little pointed eared Picards running around the ship.


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Quote: RStar17 @ May. 26 2012, 11:48 pm


>A snarling Klingon medic would have been better than Pulaski.


That's a great idea: having Dr. Selar on board, instead of Dr. Pulaski!  But, it was good to finally get Dr. Crusher back on board the Enterprise-D, where she belonged.

Dr. Selar (played by versatile actress Suzie Plakson) was awesome!  She featured in a couple of books, too, I think.

A Klingon targh would have been preferable to Dr. Pulaski!  Actually, the IKS Gorkon had an excellent Klingon physician and surgeon, B'Oraq, daughter of Grala, on board.  She even successfully grafted the deceased M'Raq's arm onto the shoulder of Captain Klag, son of M'Raq, at Klag's request!

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I think this is a great idea.  It would have been cool to develop selar more.  Plus, I think a Vulcan would have had a better bed-side manner than Pulaski.


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I didn't mind Pulaski at all - she was fine after the first (almost predictable) clashes. But the idea of Selar taking over is certainly interesting. I wouldn't have mind seeing that! (And not because she's sexy or anything - just a totally different character type.)

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It would have been interesting to see an alien doctor in the series, even if only for one season.  I mean, it was really interesting to have the alien Dr.Phlox in ENT.


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I voted for Selar too.  You can never have too many Vulcans!


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Whoa, I'm totally stoked to see this poll on this forum. When I was marathoning TNG with my mom we'd always recall Dr.Selar. We thought she would have been an ideal choice as The Chief Medical Officer, she just had a certain vibe to her. Besides I love seeing Vulcan and Human interaction, I think it'd definitely been interesting in a medical setting too considering all the bumps and bruises the typical Human gets from doing crazy things. 


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If my memory serves me well, they did on purpose chose not to have a Vulcan on the Enterprise.

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That idea never occured to me. pretty good though.

Unfortunately I'm sure it never occured to the show's staff either, as she was only intended to be a bit character...even though her name gets dropped constantly.

I would have no doubt enjoyed Selar much more than Pulaski.


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Defintely Dr. Selar!  Will always be happy to see Suzie Plakson!

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