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Trying to regain hope (USS Atlantis)


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Trying to regain hope (USS Atlantis)

The USS Atlantis, a Sovereign class explorer, is the Federation's sole defender in the Stannis System, a system that has suffered a great loss over the past years from raiders attack, this ship and it's crew is the only shield against the raiders, one sole hope for those many colonies that have long ago abandoned it.

With a very experienced Captain, a new First Officer and an enthusiastic crew, they are hoping to re-colonize the planet of Stannis IV, that it's agricultural colony has almost been wiped out completely by the raiders.

Join us to a world of new adventures, new technologies and a story that will be worth telling many years after, as one crew deals with constant war, lost of hope and resurrection in the hopes of achieving new life for those affected by the raiders.

The USS Atlantis is a Message Board simulation in Epsilon Fleet (FSF).

You can get more information and join form in our website:
Open Positions include: CTAC, CENG, Marines, Assistants.

For more information please contact FSFMerlin(AT) or FSFTommy(AT) (Also through AIM).

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