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Voyager Ending, out of character mistakes and lack of motion picture


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I have always wondered even with the great ending to the series, why did they not produce a motion picture. The storyline could have been based on the Borg and their attempt to rebuild and get revenge against Janeway. I have no doubt that the Borg were not completely destroyed and neither should any other Trek fan. There were way to many and the network was to vast for complete anhilation. 

Another issue I have is the writers decision to disembark Neelix after all the time he spent learning about the Alpha Quadrant and assuming more and more responsibilities and was just as excited to find a new home with his "family" the crew on earth. He was as excited as anyone native to earth to arrive. He had emmersed himself in learning Starfleet protocol and had so many dreams and it made no sense whatsover that he would give that up so quickly and willingly and leave his "voyager family" and give up on everything he dreamed of accomplishing on earth. His character had eveloved more than most on the series and to see him not make it to earth was a huge disappointment because he was forever stuck in the Delta Quadrant and no less on a lifeless ugly asteroid with no natural beauty and he of all people longed for a beautiful peacful planet again. His character expressed over and over again his excitement of going to earth. This was a huge mistake and was totally our of character for Neelix. He basically wasted his whole time on Voyager and I think the fans were cheated. 

Third, I would have loved there to be a movie with all the cast because it would have been very interesting to see the evolution of Seven (Anaka Hanson), Neelix on earth, and how the former Maquiee were greeted and treated by Starfleet. There were so many interesting story lines that could have been explored in the movie involving not just the action of the Borg but the interpersonal relationships that is the hallmark of Star Trek. 

Obviously I was very disappointed that Paramount did not see fit to make a motion picture or two. 

What do all you Trek fans think?


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Well to me the Voyager ending was disapointing for a number of reasons. Oh sure you knew it was coming and they'd technobabble themselves home, but they couldn't come up with something more creative than "let's have future Janeway come back to the past and turn on GOD MODE to pwn the Borg!"

As for Neelix, I actively disliked the character, so I really don't spend much time thinking about him, but I figure the isolation from his entire race and that random colony of Talaxians they came upon would be his last chance to be with his people. Sure he was swept up in the adventure of it, but even towards the end it was obvious his role on Voyager was rapidly diminishing. He no longer knew the areas they were going into so he wasn't that useful as a guide. His little foster-dad role to Naomi was becoming less and less necessary as she grew older and his role as chef probably wasn't satisfying after seven years. I think Janeway just gave him the ambassador title out of pity. So him settling down when given a chance made sense.

Really the ending could have been so much more. They had the right idea at first. A future crew back on earth, reminsicing of their journey. They could have told a few highlights of it in flash back, reflected on their losses and how they all got on with their lives after they made it back to earth. That would have brought closure to the series and it's characters.

Instead they just fly through, technobabble blow up a bunch of Borg cubes in god mode, and arrive through a transwarp conduit that convienently leads right to Earth... gee wouldn't that have been convienent to have if you were sending cubes to attack Earth. The complete lack of an epilogue was very unsatisfying. The rest was just silly.

There are a ton of Voyager novels that describe the fate of the crew after their journey, including the fate of the Maquis and Seven's adapting to life on Earth. Oh and the Borg -do- get their revenge on Janeway. If you're into reading I'd start with Homecoming by Christie Golden.


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I have to agree to RStar17 on most points, it was really a waste that we didn't see how they adapted to life on earth and what new challenges and conflicts that brought with it. (Looking forward reading 'Homecoming', I guess my copy is crossing the atlantic by now...)

I always liked Neelix and thought they did a good job in describing his backround story (the war, his losses etc.). I'm not unhappy that he found some of his people and made himself a new home after all, but I felt it neglected how much Voyager has become his home and family. It could have been very interesting to see how he adjusted to earth, it would have potential for the character to develop in a more alien environment than Voyager, it would be interesting to see how he deals with the finality of never seeing another Talaxian again.

I also missed the epilog, it nearly seemed to me that they might have needed one episode more to tell about the homecoming of every character. Maybe they should have made the final a three-parter.


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An epilog would have been good for the ending of the series.  A sort of epilog was written, of course, for the follow-up books.  Like most people, I like to see some kind of closure, unless the cliffhanger leads into a movie or next episode.

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Me the 100th person to veiw this page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I agree on several points. I feel cheated about voyager. They had a crappy finish, and by the time we get to the final episodes, I feel like the writers are just stumbling along on a bad limb, waiting to cut their losses. And I would be untrue to myself if I didn't mention the stupid Seven/Chakotay, rush-rush relationship. Lame. :-/

As for Neelix, I really love what he brought to the show. He was so loyal and so funny, and I really didn't like leaving him on the asteroid, but I was also torn because I know he wanted to be with his own race of people. Its too bad Janeway couldn't have brought all the Talaxians on board Voyager and transported them to the Alpha Quadrant.

At least I liked how the books protrayed the way the crew ended up at home and went their seperate ways. I am also glad they allowed Janeway and Chakotay to remain close. At least that satisfied me.

I would have LOVED to see a Voyager film. The writers really piss me off because I don't think they ever gave Janeway a fair shake. All the fuss they made about her hair, looks, etc. They never really gave her a chance. I don't think they would do her character justice if they ever did a film... so at least we can have the crew of the intrepid voyager immortalized in the books. Hopefully, they continue on with it.


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I agree that there were still stories to be told for the Voyager crew, and I would have loved to have a Voyager movie, but only if it was done right. That was always my biggest fear over a movie that it would be another disappointment.

But what I would like from a movie is to see what became of the crew and finally some J/C. I personally am tired of the Borg, so a different storyline would be wonderful, but if it had a good portrayal of Janeway, and some J/C, then I wouldn't mind if it was about the Borg, lol.

I too think it is a shame that Neelix was left on the asteroid, as home is where the heart is and his heart was with the Voyager crew. I would have liked for him to get home with them and make a life on Earth. But his fate didn't bother me as much as certain other things about the last few episodes.


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I would rather have had a voyager movie instead of nemesis 

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Me too. I never really got used to Nemesis, every time it is mentioned I try to remember what it was about. I could tell the story of every other movie in my sleep, but somehow Nemesis never got stuck in my Trek-universe.


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i havent seen much of endgame, coz as soon as i started watching it, i got bored and just looked up what it was about instead. i would've liked to seen how they adjusted to life on earth though, with neelix a part of their voyager family

even though i havent seen endgame, i hated how voyager ended. dont mind the borg thing, it was a way to go out with a bang which is more than tng did, but dumping neelix on an asteriod and sticking chakotay with SEVEN?!!!!! what the ???

i would love a voyager film, especially if they somehow managed to include some of janeways enemies from the delta quadrant by them creating a wormhole that lead to earth just so they could get revenge, and they wold have to include some j/c

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I really thought they should have made a Voyager film after Engame involving Species 8472.


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Report this Jul. 21 2012, 8:27 pm

New member, long, LONG, time fan of Trek.
I have read the first few comments and have to say that other than Rstar17's dislike of Neelix - a chasracter that I disliked at the start but grew to appreciate quite a lot - I agree with Rstar17, passionfruit, and Cpt. Sameway, especially regarding the final episode, Endgame. I concur that it left me also with a profound lack of closure, always having believed that we would end with their glorious return to Earth, the welcome they received, and the aftermath, whereas, all I got was an armoured Voyager emerging from a transwarp conduit and being met by a rag-tag-looking fleet of Alpha Quadrant ships!! Talk about an anti-climax!!
Overall, a tragic failure on the part of the writers and studio to appreciate the importance of seven years' dedication to the show of the fans, and their right to have the characters' individual storylines finished off with the same passion they had been conveyed over the course of the series; SHAME ON THEM! 


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Report this Jul. 22 2012, 11:40 am

I totally agree.

I've always felt that the plot of Endgame would have made a great two-parter somewhere in the seventh series, with the Admiral returning to get Voyager home only ultimately to fail as she and younger Janeway decided to give the borg a blow rather than use the hub to get home (reminding the older Janeway that she did do the right thing in destroying the array). I always felt Janeway made the right decision and, as the whole series was based on that, it should have been reaffirmed by the end (IMO), whereas it was almost said that Janeway had made the wrong decision, that she'd put strangers before her own crew. Maybe a shift in the morals of the writers? I never liked that about the finale, that Janeway would compromise her principles to get Voyager home. It almost felt like a failiure, that they couldn't get home on their own merits.

But anyway, I've always thought that too much time was spent in the finale on a future that will never occur. If the intention was to show us what was to come i.e. Janeway would live to be an admiral and one of the most decorated officers in Starfleet history; Seven and Chakotay would live happily ever after (as she wouldn't die in the new future); The Doctor would find a sexy human woman etc, it really didn't work for me. C/7 was so out of nowhere that it was asking people to accept something new at the very moment old ends were supposed to be tied up. Sure, they'd tried to show us Seven's interest in Chakotay, but that was very late in the series and never gave us any indication that the attraction was mutual. They had zero chemistry in Natural Law - such a stark contrast to the wonderful chemistry between Janeway and Chakotay in Resolutions.

While I can understand that the writers wanted Voyager to get home in a dramatic way, I would have rathered Voyager get home quite simply, through a wormhole or something, and then have had the rest of the finale about the reunion with family and friends. I'd have liked to have seen Janeway's mother and sister, Tom reunited with his father, B'Elanna with her mother, Seven welcomed by her aunt, The Doctor welcomed as a hero, Tuvok with his wife and family and Harry with his, and Janeway and Chakotay confess their feelings now they were out of a command structure. That's just what I personally wanted, but I'd guess that a lot of other people did too, because in so many ways that was what the series had set us up to want. For some, just getting home might have been enough, but for many of us it wasn't.


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Report this Aug. 03 2012, 6:31 pm

Quote: JOYOFVGR @ Jul. 20 2012, 4:12 am


>I really thought they should have made a Voyager film after Engame involving Species 8472.


Totally agree.  Also agree with the comment that I can never recall what Nemesis was about.  

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