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Why wasn't Garak in a holding cell for 6 months?


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I guess it's possible they let him bring his tailor kit to the holding cell. Heck, part of his sentence was to make Odo a uniform maybe they're using him as free labor.

I once guessed that his being allowed to go to the conference on Bajor to provide a Cardassian perspective was a furlough of sorts.

Either way, sort of ironic the second he gets out of Federation prison, the Dominion captures him.

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Perhaps Sisko's punnishment was over-ruled by Starfleet or the Bajoran authorities.  That was my guess.  Someone higher up probably supported what Garak was trying to do.

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Rstar17- dont remind me of how Odo needed a uniform, becoase its sooo sad!!!!! poor Odo can"t shapeshift!!! (but then he can again but it's still sad!)

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how long was it between "Broken link" and "Apocolypse rising" ?

it was probably about 3 months. Garak was probably allowed to do his tailor work from inside the holding cell. 

he probably got an early release to go to that conference. 

In any case spending time in the holding cell probably helped prepare him for what he had to endure in the Dominion prison camp


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Well... it wasn't 3 months really.

Broken Link took place on Stardate 49962.4. Apocolypse Rising didn't have a Stardate, but the following episode The Ship was stated to take place on Stardate 50049.3. So a month at best between the two. Anyways, 6 months would be aproxamately Stardate 50500 would be Garak's release date.

Honestly, they couldn't afford to sit around waiting 3 months when they thought Gowron was a changeling and making territorial demands on the Federation on pain of war.

Now all the episodes between this point and Things Past don't give the stardates. Two episodes later the Darkness and the Light states the Stardate as 50416.2. So that's still at least a month early assuming Things Past happened just a bit before that.

Now, he next appears in In Purgatory's Shadow which is on Stardate 50564.2. So either he somehow got out early, or he was just given a brief furlough to attend the conference in Things Past. The Chief of Security was with him after all, and it's quite possible Odo put him right back into the holding cell after that.

And yeah, I actually don't see why they'd have a problem with him doing his tailor thing from prison. Maybe for every order he filled for the Station's staff they took a day off his sentence or something.


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Garak probably told them, "Well, then, suit yourself!"

So, after trying to make their own clothing, they decided to release him early, for good behavior!

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