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'Battleship' could have been a good Trek movie!


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I saw 'Battleship'.  I had heard some negative things, and knew it's turnout at the box office was low.  In the begining I thought it was going to be bad; it did start kind of corny.  As it progressed, it got better and better, and in the end I understood the corniness of the beggining.  It was a great patriotic movie.  Yes it did have a feel of Star Trek.  The aliens did have some Borg behavior, ignoring anyone that didn't pose a threat, and it did remind me of 'First Contact' when the aliens were constructing the communications beacon.  All it needed to be a Trek film was for the battleship to be called the US Enterprise.    that would be a really big prequel movie ..  lol  I think a trekkie would like this movie personally,  give it a chance..Go see it!

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That's What Trek Needs More Of -Space Battles!

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