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Report this May. 21 2012, 5:18 pm

Here is something that is must for every gamer.

The APP is called the System Requirement Application. The apps works by first uploading the operating system of a computer onto a Droid, I-Pad or other hand held device that would contain the necessary information needed to cross index the operating systems of the computer with the system requirements for both basic and recommended settings of the game.

The gamer first locates their game in the store that they want to purchase the game. Next they would open up the System Requirement Application on their Droid or I-Pad and then type in the prefix code associated with the games system requirements.

The app would return a comparison review that has been sync'd with the games requirements and the current specifications of the Operating System.

When discrepencies are found the App would store tweaks and fixes in the apps file system that the gamer could use to upgrade their PC to the necessary level before purchasing the game.

Such information would be links to products in the store that they are currently browsing in that would contain modules such as RAM, Processors and new PC's that would rapidly give them access to purchasing the game.

Another part of the app would be a preliminary fix app that when connected to the PC at home would tweak the PC to necessary operating parameters necessary to play the game.

Each effected computer system that is in need of being tweaked would appear in red and as the tweaking begins would slowly turn to green to show that the system has been tweaked to nomimal operating standards.

Those systems that were not able to be tweaked to meet th minimal requirments but needed to be replaced would remain in red with the necessary fix information displayed on the PC display.


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I'm sure someone would find that useful. As for me I build my own computers so I already know my specs.

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