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Bring TNG Back


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Quote: FascinatingIndeed @ May. 19 2012, 5:00 pm


>When you produce a tv show (of any genre) for 7+ years, it is really hard to keep it fresh.  Plus, with DS9 and VOY already made, you'd have continuity issues ad nauseam.

>So no.  Bad idea.


Agreed.  Actually, I think a series can last a long time with fresh ideas if it doesn't hold on to the same cast for too long.  ER is a prime example as it went 15 seasons, but had at most 2 people in it from beginning to end.  I know there were a couple of characters that left & came back.  Star Trek though tends to maintain the status quo in regard to its characters, with a few exceptions.

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There's More To TNG Than Just The Core Characters,DS9 And Voyager. As Long As they Stay In The Same Time period,There Are More Stories To Tell.


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Normally shows have a lifetime--usually about 10 years--during which they mature then come to an end of some sort.

However, with Star Trek, you could keep inventing new species and new situations, so I think it could last longer.

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No. Loved tng all the way but I would love to see something new. I always felt that generally star trek works better as a series rather than films. I would like to see them play with the format. Kill off characters, serialize the storylines. Etc. But primarily I would like to see better writing. I would rather have 12 episodes a season that were compelling than 25 that were often rehashes or slapped together plot lines. Star trek is a rich universe. I think there are more stories to tell

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Yes! An animated TNG with the original actors' voices. First episode, bring Data back through B4 or a jump from an alternate universe or something. Include the Enterprise-E and the Titan. Or if Patrick Stewart is too busy, focus on the Titan with occasional visits from the Enterprise-E. Or maybe Picard becomes an Admiral and Riker or Worf becomes captain of the Enterprise. There are so many stories left to tell. I do understand that on the one hand, there is nothing new under the sun. But on the other hand, as long as human beings can get into trouble and strive to get out of it, there will always be stories to tell. There are no limits to the imagination with the right writers. I vote yes! yes! a thousand times yes!



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I would like to see a new TNG series.  I recall when I saw the 7th season episode "Lower Decks" back in '94 that those characters (Ogawa, Lavelle, Taurik and Jaxa) would have made the nice core of a new series.  The story of junior officers would make an interesting premise, if you ask me.  While too many years have passes since that episode, I think the idea would work with new actors.  

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