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Picard's knowledge of Kirk in the 24th Century

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Did Picard ever reveal to any of his senior staff, Starfleet Command, or even to Spock and Scotty of his encounter with Capt. Kirk in the Nexus and on Veridian III? And since he buried him on Veridian III, wouldn't Kirk deserve a more respectable resting place for burial? Say at Starfleet Command where he could be buried with full Starfleet honours and a memorial? Or in his hometown of Riverside, Iowa?


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Probably not. To the rest of the universe, Kirk had been dead and memorialized for nearly a century. I think in leaving him on Veridian III, Picard was trying to respect the sentiments Kirk had expressed to him when first they encountered each other in the nexus.

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I doubt Kirk would really care about full Starfleet honors and memorials and so on. Whether he officially died on the Enterprise-B or on Veridian III, he died doing what he loved; what comes after that isn't so important.

If Picard had told anyone the full story, I'm sure he'd get a visit from temporal investigations, which would just be an unnecessary headache.


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@ USS Liverpool

Though you doctored with your topic to make it look alike another if there were two.

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Yes, I am aware that I posted twice. Though one topic related to another. I felt the latter could be a subject on it's own seperate from where I brought it up.


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I don' know. All I know is that the way the writers handled the whole Kirk aspect was terrible.


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Leaving Kirk's remains on that planet would be a Prime Directive violation. Think of it, there was a pre-industrial civilization on the other planet. If there's another habitable world in their system, they could find it before they invent warp drive and possibly find the remains of an alien. If Mars was habitable, we'd have people on it today, for example.

But yes, it all comes down to bad writing for Generations. I'd imagine Picard made his report, Starfleet classified the Kirk aspect of it, and just left it as Picard stopped Soran and the Klingons destroyed the Enterprise.


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I'm more than confident that Picard had no intention of informing anyone. If he did, what would be the purpose of putting a pile of rock on Kirk if you later tell Starfleet Command, who will NO DOUBT want to bring the body home for a hero's burial.

If he did intend to let Starfleet know, he would have just brought the body with him, rather than leave it unpreserved and for the environment to ravage.

Always thought Picard went against his own beliefs. "A Starfleet Officer's duty is to the truth...sceintific or historical truth." If that means letting everyone know what the Nexus is and that Kirk had really been alive for 80 years, only to die again...that's his responsability to say, not cover up.


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There's a lot of conflict here. First of all, Picard had no idea that the Enterprise had been deatroyed when he buried Kirk. Secondly, when Picard was picked up, there was no mention (and there should have been) as to wheather or not Kirk's body was already beamed up to one of the waiting ships. I think guilemo.meja is right in respect to Picard having a duty to tell Starfleet Command about what happened.

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From the movies, there's no clue. There was a series of books that William Shatner wrote about Kirk. The second one was called "The Return" and at the beginning of it, they are in the process of recovering Kirk's body to return it to earth for burial, due to Prime Directive concerns, as well as Kirk being a Starfleet legend and hero.

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