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In TNG episode "Yesterday's Enterprise", we know of the Enterprise-C coming through a time rift, altering the prime timeline to an alternate one. With the Enterprise-C coming from the year 2344, which was the year Picard was in his 11th year commanding the Stargazer. Would it be possible that Picard and Garrett knew each other being fellow Starfleet captains? Or maybe knew of each other by reputation or word-of-mouth? Though Garrett meets an alternate universe Picard, wouldn't she have realized who he was upon hearing his name? A familiarity of knowing he was the captain of the Stargazer from 2344?


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Well I think there are so many ships in the Federation that not every captain knows each other. So I assume that she did not know Picard and didn't care to look him up on her ship's computer due to the unusual situation they were in. Or maybe she had heard the name but didn't bring it up.

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It's quite possible Picard knew of Garrett. She was Captain of his predecessor ship after all. Highly unlikely that the reverse was true.

She was captain of one of the most advanced ships in the Federation, and Picard was captaining a "overworked, underpowered ship." Hardly prominent that. So couple that with Starfleet having hundreds, if not thousands of ships. Probably not.


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I'm sure most Starfleet captains either knew each other personally or knew of each other by reputation.  Of course, Garrett and her crew were killed and that Enterprise was destroyed, so Picard's Enterprise-D was the new Galaxy-class design.  Nothing directly connected with the previous Enterprise would have remained.

Still, it must have been very strange for him to have encountered her and her crew that time!

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