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What happened to the story in the middle of Voyager


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Hi all,

I'm a rather ST newbie, but I watched all the series and movies a couple of times. I'm now re-watching Voyager after a long time and noticed something that I didn't notice before.

Approx in the middle of the serie, basically when Kes becomes adult and few episodes later "transcends", the story and the screenplay seem to change in some way. It becomes more mature, maybe darker... to that point the episodes seemed to me in line with the TNG philosophy, but from that moment on something changes.

Am I crazy? Can you confirm that? Is there a reason for that? (screenwriters change maybe)

Not that I don't like the new style, just wondering what happened.



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I have the same feeling. I don't know why, I always figured they needed the first 3 seasons for exposition of the characters, maybe the dominion war in DS9 inspired the VOY-authors to write more 'serious' stuff and the whole Borg-theme with Seven gave it a new energy.

Maybe it's Voyager's general theme. Voyager is a lot about outsiders and renegates and how they reintegrate by forming their own community far from home. Seven is a new radical element giving another contrast to explore questions of individuality, deviation and community.


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I haven't seen all the Voyager episodes, just the few I really want to watch when I find one that I actually like the sound of but I've noticed something similar

In the first couple of series theres this sort of a bright sunny thing where theres someones birthday or a wedding or a new crewmember onboard or a birth or an away mission on a sunny planet or friendly aliens willing to make friends but then around the third season episode Coda every thing gets dark and depressing and people start dying or people keep leaving or aliens start trying to kill them or other aliens or the Borg keep turning up or the Captain starts being reclusive

I think I hear you man

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Maybe it changed when Jeri Taylor retired and handed over control to Brannon Braga.

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I think I feel the same, after Kes leaves Janeway suddenly seems enormously hard and unemotional, she starts to argue with Chakotay more and more. It weakens during the rest of the series and in Endgame it's at the lowest point and it's excactly what annois her in her older version. But i totally agree, there's quite a turning point. But i think Neelix brings the joy in and Seven and Tuvok bring with set-ups from neelix and the doctor the humour, but there is a chage there!

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