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I was just watching ENT Season 3, Episode 18 (Entrouage). The episode were they find the Xindi weapon and Archer is taken to the future by Daniels. They are aboard the Enterprise-J which is 400 years in the future. (30th/31th century)

I find it strange that the Enterprise-J looks a lot like the Enterprise NX-01, yes ofcourse it's different but it certainly has the looks of it. I find this strange because between the that time period (Enterprise-J) and the time period of the Enterprise NX-01 is TNG, DS9, VOY and TOS. So it's even further in the future then any of the previous shows..

Why does it still has the looks of the Enterprise NX-01...?

Anyone else thinks te same?


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same way old men and babys are small and wrinkly



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Quote: xKirk32 @ May. 15 2012, 12:19 am


>Why does it still has the looks of the Enterprise NX-01...?


My guess would be they're trying to save money on building new sets.

Not an uncommon strategy.

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Starfleet starship design has hardly changed over the course of the various Star Trek installments, So one wouldnt expect the schematics from the 26th century to differ much from those of the 23rd/24th centuries.

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The Enterpsise J looks like the NX01? Two or three centuries go by and that is the best they have? BS.

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Didn't Look Like NX-01 To Me; MUCH Bigger. If The Ship Is Powered By A Actual Star/Singularity/Whatever, It Pretty Much Has To Be.


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I'd say it's more likely Daniels just threw something flashy together to impress Archer without giving away any future tech in action. How's Archer gonna know anyways? Honestly the Enterprise abused the concept of time travel almost as much as Voyager. 

But yeah, it really isn't cost effective to design a completely new and unique ship for one thirty second shot.

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