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Do you believe in sex before marriage or not?

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Created by: xXLadyDataXx


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Ever since I've been on STL(Star Trek Logs) I have seen polls that have talked about Abortion and Sex Education and since both of these topics involve sex I decided to make a poll discussion on this topic instead. Please be honest about your viewpoint and have open minded conversations about the topic


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Ok so here's my viewpoint on the topic:

I do not believe in sex before marriage because it's morally wrong and it degrades the relationship. Now in days people just want to have sex in a relationship without really loving nor caring about the person whom they are going out with. After having sex most couples usually just break up and move on with someone else and do the same thing. I honeslty believe that it's better to save your virginity til marriage because it tests the person whom you are going out with if they really love you or not. It's more meaningful to save it for that special someone who truly loves and cares about one. That's just my opinion everyone so don't feel like I am forcing this on anyone or anything


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Yes because it is important for both men and women to know the difference between a sexual act as sex and love, which are two both different things.

Sex does not determine a relationship, yes its a great part of a relationship but it has nothing to do with the love and respect of a person; sex is a physical and animal act thats within are nature. Relationships and couples.. relationships and couples are normally done better with time, with maturity and understanding of whats best for one self, we go through periods where someone has cheated on us so now we lash out by having sex alot, or we are either faithful to our partner... not by having sex alone.

Virginity and being pure. Virginity and being pure is a concept more like an ideal that we want to have it in are heads that are significant other is perfect and holy beyond words. Its an idea that shouldn't really matter to some people but it does, men want their wives to be faithful and women want their men to be as well. This idea makes marriages fail. It's pushed on by religion and the church as the perfect setting to start a marriage but really is a harmful act to start off a marriage.

I have a friend whos a 30 year old virgin. It really doesnt help him at all because sex is an important part of life, a developmental stage. Sex is a right of passiage. Most men think of sex as sex, Women think of sex as love making; for the most part. There are alot of people who mix the two alot and therefore is harmful to their understanding of what a relationship really is about, and how to build one.

Marriage should be the process of realizing ok. well I had my fun, Im serious now and ready to spend my life with just this one person, im ready to start a family... Divorce now is more popular then it has ever been because people just dont have the value as to what a relationship is based on or the understanding...that humans are animals.


Im a boy..


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I think it's important as a learning experience to know -- before hooking yourself to a long-term commitment like marriage -- the basics of sex, what it's all about, whether you even like it or not. That said, it's a personal choice.

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Jim Kirk

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It's none of my buisness what folks do.  That being said people need to make sure they don't make babies.  To many irresponsable "baby daddies" and too many young teenagers aving babies cause it looks like fun.   They are crazy kids are a lot of working and they demand everything from you.  The toughest job you will ever love!

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yes I believe in it.  It definitly exists.

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I would have choosen 'Other' and this is why,

I don't think it is such an easy 'Yes' or 'No' situation.  There are variables.

Personally I don't think people under a certain age should have sex before marriage.  They don't seem to understand how babies are made, at least most of the ones I've seen, and don't realize all of the consequences of thier decision.  I've heard so many of the younger ones say things like it won't happen to us, meaning making a baby or even STDs.  Then when they 'have' to get married because of a baby on the way some of those marriages end up in divorce or in the case of an STD, they tend to break up before marriage and have bad feelings torwards each other for a long time afterwards.

Case in point.  In my teens class, last year two of the kids decided that after becoming boyfriend and girlfriend that they just knew they woud be together forever and get married after they graduate, they were both freshmen-9th grade, so they decided it was okay to have sex.  Long story short, they had the baby and broke up shortly after the baby was born.  Now they are in the 15/16 age group with their own child.  Another schoolmate of my teens (this one in 11th grade this year) decided that she had met the love of her life, he is a senior this year, and that they were destined to be together forever and married after she graduates next year.  They had sex and she just had the baby last January.  They did stay together for a bit, but broke up about a month ago and she is, from what I hear from my teens other friends, apparently listening to the old wives tale that one can't get pregnant while breast feeding.

Kids that young really need to realize that while they think they want to get married 'after' graduation doesn't mean that they should have sex to 'prove' their love or to get pregnant just to have 'someone to love them'.

Those that understand about what can happen regarding sex before marriage and take steps to protect themselves then they can make that desicion.

I just wonder when it became acceptable for the baby to come before the marriage.

Yes, hubby and I had sex before we got married.  As I told a couple of my siblings, we both understood about birth control and we decided that we wanted to get married, not have to get married.

No, I don't think that this a something that is right for every couple.  Both need to weigh the consequences of what can happen if they choose to have sex before marriage and are they ready to deal with what may happen.

I was lucky, hubby didn't push me at all.  He even talked me out of it a couple of times.  It wasn't until we were closer to our wedding date to be truthful.

I know, maybe to much info, but in something like this the more info people can have about this, the better.  We've had frank talks with our kids.  They know where babies come from and that we are not ready to be grandparents while they are still in school.  We've told them that yes, we had sex before marriage, but we also knew enough to take precautions and to decided that we wanted to be married before we had children.  We have pointed out thier classmates that are now parents and asked our kids if their friends are still together or if their lives have changed since they became mommy and daddy.

I'm hoping that our kids will watch and observe and then ask us questions if they need to.

Okie, I'm rambling.....sorry

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 since the age of contraception you can, so I think, have sex with him/her before marriage

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Makes No Difference; If Two People Want To Get Their Freak On, Who's Gonna Stop Them?


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Personally I don't think people under a certain age should have sex before marriage.

Well yeah -- you might take that as people under a certain age really shouldn't be married either.

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Cathi Bewley-Cahill

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My husband and I started out as close friends of a score of years before we got together and made our commitment permanent. That being said, my husband had an infamous, fearsome reputation when we were kids as what used to be called a "ladies' man." Us ladies simply called it as we saw it: he was known as "the biggest male slut in South Omaha."

When him and I were first getting to know each other, years ago, he told me exactly why he was like that: when he was fifteen, he was found to be medically sterile. He would never be able to father a child of his own.

The more I got to know him, I began to realize that the second reason was, almost exactly like a woman, because he was physically very emotionally starved and didn't know another way to get the cuddling and physical closeness he craved.

Yes, I slept with him quite a few times over the past twenty-two years. In my case, it started when I was going through my divorce from my first husband.

Over the years, we've been there for each other multiple times. Even when it was sexual, it wasn't about sex per se, it was about comfort. We were also consenting adults before we ever were involved sexually.

I think that it's up to the couple to decide if they're going to engage in premarital sex or not. I also think that children should be raised with healthy attitudes towards sex. Raising a child to believe that premarital sex is wrong can colour their attitude towards sex in general in a negative manner, as it did both my husband and myself (we were both raised Catholic, however, I was raised Irish Catholic, which was far more repressive than my man was raised).

Now, both of us use sex as an expression of our love for each other. We're also approaching the wrong side of 40, so that may also have something to do with it.

Keep in mind, however, that only a century ago, it wasn't unusual for a girl to be married off as early as age twelve, meaning that it also wasn't unusual for a preteen girl to be sexually active
Times, attitudes and mores have changed quite a bit...although humanity hasn't.


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Sex is sex. Marriage doesn't even factor into it.


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to each his/her own



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I believe in sex after marriage, makes you want the person more, the waiting is good because sex isen't something you take for granted, love between two people should be involved, it makes it better.  


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  im sorry what jim? Spoken like a true virgin.

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