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Star Trek Game genre

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First Person Shoter: Arms of The Federation: In the Known Wars in The Federation history. You play a line of Soldiers from World War 3 to the Dominion War. The Game Starts off with Q approching the character who is near death with the option of dying or altering the corse of history.

Third Person Shoter: You play as a Former Starfleet officer now a frieghter crewman. A friend from your old ship as you to help him out with tranporting someone from the Alpha Quadrant to the Gamma quadrant. Along the war your ship is attack by rouge Jem'Hadar ships. So the ship crash lands on New Bajor. So you have to find out why the Dominon Attacked and what were you transporting. (think Mafia 2 and GTA)

Role Playing Game: Way of the Warrior: You play as a Klingon Warrior during the Start of the Federation and Klingon Allance. There you can chose the fate of the Empire as go through the ranks of the Klingon Armed Forces

JRPG: Star Trek: Persona: You play as a unnamed protagonist going to Starfleet academy. You are randomly slected to join a Starship semester. As you make friends on the ship you encounter a species that takes over the ship. Now you must try to find a way to regain control with your friends.

Beat Em action: You play as A Klingon who is wrongfully accuse of treason and sent to Rural Pente. There you have to fight you way in prison to stay alive.

Dating Sim: Star Trek: Love me one more time: You play as a Character looking for love. So you have been assign to Deep Space Nine. (Note all characters are single) You go through adventures trying to find true love. You can go out with the cast of Deep Space Nine, by spending time with them and making chosing the right things for them.

Tactical Action: Similar to the shooter game, but this time you can pick a faction during the wars in the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. With picking the faction you can pick characters and their ships. Similar to Dynasty Warriors. You victory decides the fate of the quadrants

Detective game: You play a Federation police Officer solving cases. You encounter a case that will shake the Alpha Quadrant to its core. Involving the Romulians, currupt Klingon Houses, Frengi, The Orion Syndicate and much more.

Stealth Game: You work as a Section 31 agent. After Sloan's death, the new boss wants to you assassinate key people who threaten the Federation. But there is more than meets the eye. As you progress in the missions you question the motives of the agency. Much like Hitman



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A role playing game like Mass Effect seems like the best fit for Star Trek.


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Funny my borther said the samething

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