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A thought about T'Pol


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Quote: michaela.lyktberg @ Jun. 05 2012, 12:57 pm


>didnt she get some decease from the forced mind meld which made her feel mor stuff, or am I wrong?


Her emotional threshold was damaged when she became addicted to Trellium halfway through season 3. I don't think it was the mind-meld that did it.

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In the Mind Meld episode, Fusion, T'Pol was openly experimenting with her emotions before deciding to remain commited to the traditional Vulcan way of life. You can argue either way if that incident left her a bit emotional than the norm or not, but there's no proof.

Meanwhile the Trellium addiction in season 3, she did tell Phlox and later Trip in confidence that it was making it difficult for her to control her emotions.

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