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next gen or voyager

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Created by: Captain SilverLight


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Give ya 3 guesses...

On second thought, make that 2. 

I was asked to write a 4 page essay on any subject of my choosing. I wrote about why ST Voyager is by far better than TNG and DS9, and that Voyager is Star Trek at it's best. And you can quote me on that!


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Of the 2....I like TNG as a show much better than Voyager. Though I do really enjoy Voyager as a whole.

I will say Voyager though because I have seen every TNG episode at least ten times.

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TNG is my favorite because it introduced so many new characters and scenarios, such as Q and the Borg.  Those characters and scenarios provided story lines for Voyager, DS9 and Enterprise.  It's just logical.

Cpt. Sameway

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Voyager. Hands down. I love TNG, but Voyager is my true love!


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I would say Voyager, my reason being that it is more intriguing, more dynamic characters. Also, the writing is more interesting and the three Rick Berman, Michael Pillar and Jeri Taylor just work so well together.

Nine of One

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Voyager all the way!!!

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Love both shows but Voyager

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I love both but Voyager i love the later seasons the most 4-7

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DS9 tops followed by enjoying watching TNG. 

Voyager is not on my list of enjoyable star trek shows.

Trek 2.0

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I like The Next Generation because in a few cases they brought back classic people.


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I watch both when I can but I prefer Voyager. Voyager is the one that got me into Star Trek so I guess I feel a sense of loyalty to the show.


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Even though I love the next gen, voyager is my favorite. I enjoy the cast and the plots so much better.

I'm such a fanatic that I changed my computer sounds to star trek computer warnings and reports!

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I love Voyager over every series, although most people who browse the Voyager boards probablly are. If you put this in the general series boards, we might get some interesting results!

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I think Next Generation was overall a more professional series, but I think voyager is funner to watch. It is a warmer ship, and the crew is more developed. In TNG, everyone is just buisness partners, (exept Riker and Troi) while Voyager is one big family. TNG is more a followup of TOS, but Voyager is more of a story.

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