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next gen or voyager

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Created by: Captain SilverLight

Captain SilverLight

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TNG for me



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DS9 RULES!!!!!

Anime Odo

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I like whatching VOYAGER i have seen every episode like 20 times!!!!! I think TNG is ok if it has Q in it!

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Voyager on that vote but DS9 is my favorite


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TNG for me.


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why r u even asking? Voyager all the way!

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That was really hard for me because I love TNG.
but voyager's plots are really fun, and they aren't really old like tng's.


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Probably Voyager, though I haven't seen all of TNG yet.

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Definitely TNG, though it comes second to DS9 for me.


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TNG, I think, was much better.  Being the third starship-based series, Voyager seemed to be a bit repetitive.  However, the crew did make a lot of useful discoveries.

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Shouldnt this be under general trek?


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Hmmm... this is a hard one!!! I don't know, I love them both!! But one difference for me is that in Voyager, I can pretty much list my favorite characters in order, and there are even a couple I don't like; but in Next Gen, although I have my favorite characters, I still like all of them!! So I'm on the fence for this one.

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Hard choices!! I finally chose Voyager. I think Voyager has more of those action-type episodes that I love.

Hey, just a thought for you Captain SilverLight...maybe starting this thread on the Voyager board would cause the results to be a little biased toward Voyager. So next time you have a thread that invovles two different series, just stick it under General Trek discussions to get more diverse answers.  

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I greatly enjoy both shows, but TNG would have to be my favourite.

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