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My first Star Trek Convention...


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My names Lucian, I'm 21 and I've been brought up with Star Trek.
I have now decided I'm ready, I've purchased a costume, my phaser is at the ready and my tricorder is waiting to scan a new enviroment. Star Trek London 2012.
I was wondering if anyone could tell me what its like at a Star Trek convention, what kind of activities there will be in store?
What are the queues like?
Any stories or advice would be well appreciated.
Live long and prosper


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I cannot speak for European conventions, but I can tell you about American ones. 

* Conventions will generally hold panels - like seminars - where professionals, such as actors or behind-the-scenes crew answer questions about their experiences.

* Costume contests are often held.

* A dealer's room where merchants sell old and new product, some of which will be Trek-related, some of which won't be.  You may find product from "Star Wars" or other science-fiction/fantasy-related series.

* Autograph sessions:  These can vary from con to con.  Some celebrities will have tables set up most of the day; some will sign only on a limited basis for a certain period of time.  Some celebrities will charge extra for autographs or photos, some of them won't.  The queues for these sessions will vary depending on who the celebrity is and how much in demand they are.  You can expect longer lines for anything related to an in-demand or hard-to-get celebrity.

* Other fans.  You can meet fans from other cities and countries, bond over your love of Trek.  Fan clubs often meet at conventions and hold special meetings, sessions, fundraisers or some event to promote a charity.





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