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My first star Trek Convention...


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Report this May. 08 2012, 7:45 pm

My names Lucian, I'm 21 and I've been brought up with Star Trek.
I have now decided I'm ready, I've purchased a costume, my phaser is at the ready and my tricorder is waiting to scan a new enviroment. Star Trek London 2012.
I was wondering if anyone could tell me what its like at a Star Trek convention, what kind of activities there will be in store?
What are the queues like?
Any stories or advice would be well appreciated.
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Report this Jun. 17 2012, 7:13 pm

Hi! I almost went to the one in Tennessee, but I decided it was a bit too far, and for a while I'll only be attending local conventions. Anyway, good luck!

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Report this Jun. 21 2012, 9:34 pm

Hey guys! I'm going to my first Star Trek convention in LAS VEGAS 2012. I've decided to dress as an Orion Slave Girl

  but i wanna know...whats the convention gona be like? I must admit, I'm a bit nervous/excited.

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Report this Jul. 22 2012, 8:13 pm

I've heard Vegas is HUGE, but where I went, was Tennesse. Read it in Nashville Star Trek Convention.

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Report this Jul. 27 2012, 10:01 pm

The one in Tennesse was very nice.

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