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Building The Gen1 USS Enterprise, Really


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In response to DTE-Dan: Only I have shielding and artificial gravity technologies.


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This sounds promising.

However, i do hope that everyone can get along and instead of focusing on profit as this technology should be open to anyone who desires it. Not just confined to those who make enough money to be able to visit Mars or just live on Enterprise to dedicate their life to science.

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This looks very promising. I'd love to see it once it is completed.

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What do you want to do, contaminate the timeline? You make the phoenix first. The enterprise doesn't come till later. besides, the enterprise wouldn't be any fun without warp drive and ailiens.

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Quote: miklamar @ May. 09 2012, 1:40 pm


>Perhaps we could install something like the Fujitsu K computer system--the world's fastest supercomputer, for its LCARS and to operate its Structural Integrity Field system



Conventional silcon based chips are not really going to get any more faster. We have something like a protien fiber material that is used as a chip build. Much faster and the 586 algorithm can be solved as well. Had read something similar a decade ago will post a link if i find.


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