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Who's hot?

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Created by: DATAWORFfantotally


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Kirk and Spock are both sexy but in differnet ways. Kirk is really a man's man in every sense of the word, and you can tell that he could show you a good time. Spock is sexy because he doesn't realize it, he's smart, and sees things in a nonviolent way, which I like. But I don't think it would be easy to be sexually aroused by him because he would only see sexual interaction as a way to achieve continuation of the species. Killjoy! lol 

randy kerr

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as a guy kirk,s had more women than any starfleet captain  ever


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Not one person for McCoy? Poor Bones! I guess he's not physically hot (what with the constant undereye bags and all), but there is something very endearing about him. He's brave, he's smart, and he's sensitive: what's not to love? Yes, Kirk's extremely sexy, but he's clearly no good for anything beyond one-night stands. Spock, obviously, has some pretty serious intimacy issues. But McCoy seems like a cuddler and a gentleman, and ladies, he's a doctor! That's more than enough for me!


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I'd like to post a little vote for the unsung fellahs on the crew:

I really thought that Lts. Kyle and Leslie were pretty cute....


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I voted for Spock, but I'm surprised so many others did as well.


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I liked Kirk, but also Spock and McCoy.  Hmmmmm, hard to choose only one.  Sulu has that smile and twinkle in his eyes and Chekov is boyishly cute!   If I HAD to choose................Can I make one out of all of them?  Something of a perfect (almost) man

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Glad to see Spock is the most voted for! LLAP 



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How in the world did Sulu get to be above the handsome charming McCoy?!! Just because McCoy did not run down the corridors without a shirt does not make him any less hot  


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voted for spock.
Kirk is probably hotter but Spock has that mysterious side.... and he's so repressed. Not to mention those eyebrows.




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In the beginning it was Mr. Spock....and through all the movies it was still Mr. Spock....he has been my favorite and always will be...the hot one for me! Love that Vulcan!




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Chekov all the way, baby!  Who could resist that sweet puppydog look?

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