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Could Ro Laren (Michelle Forbes) made Deep Space 9 better ?

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Created by: DammitJim6200


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Advance Kira Nerys had over Ro Laren is that Kira Nerys fight Cardassion and Bajor did just run way making great leader at show. Ro Laren no member Bajor riestance and fled Bajor. I say she more some Bajor could look up to not include fact at first opposed UFP invold first place. SHe chance mind mass effect show. I personal think that Ro Laren put the show down little bit might destory it.

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o yea.


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I liked Ro...............but prefer Kira



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To be honest, as cool as it would have been to have Ro around, it's probably for the best it didn't happen.

Having Ro -and- O'brien come over from the Enterprise would be a bit redundant. Couple that with Ro's leaving during the Occupation instead of joining the resistance, she'd be destined for negative conflict with the other Bajorians.

Ro was a great and tragic character, and I think her joining the Maquis was perfect for her. Her storyline in the books was excellent, her joining the Bajorian militia and her eventual return to Starfleet. She even showed up in one book as Captain of DS9 which was a major WTF?! moment.


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I don't know if they would have had them both cross over. From what I hear, Colm Meaney was their second choice after Forbes declined, so if she had said yes, he probably would not have joined her. That said, O'Brien was good for DS9, and DS9 was good for O'Brien. Ditto for Kira. -- so... The way things ultimately worked out did not take anything away from the series or characters.

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I know that Michelle Forbes didn't want the job but I would like to have seen her show up from time to time on DS9.  Nana Visitor as Kira Nerys was wonderful and I am very glad she was there.  In other words, I would have preferred them both!

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Quote: Beetlescott @ May. 07 2012, 3:52 pm


>Hello all, I hve been away for a long time, I have been going through some illness, but i'm alright now. 

>I always thought Michelle Fobes would of been a great First Officer. I liked Kira alot, especially after season one. Ensign Ro would of done well with it, but just think we got Michelle Forbes & Nana Visitor!!


I hope you are doing better, now.  Welcome back!


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Personally, I think Kira is a much better character than Ro, but more importantly, a better character for DS9. Kira and Ro, although both Bajoran women, had very different backstories; Ro grew up in the camps, Kira grew up as a freedom fighter. Though both were tough characters, I think Kira's experiences and internal conflicts were what made the show, and many great stories would not have been realized had Ro been in her place. In fact, the entire end-of-series arc would have been different, seeing as Ro would not have been sent to help the Cardassian resistance because she didn't have the backstory Kira did. I think Kira was one of the best characters in Star Trek, and I'm happy they chose her and not Ro.


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Quote: RStar17 @ May. 17 2012, 4:59 pm


>Having Ro -and- O'brien come over from the Enterprise would be a bit redundant. Couple that with Ro's leaving during the Occupation instead of joining the resistance, she'd be destined for negative conflict with the other Bajorians.


But wouldn't that conflict have created some great drama? I can picture Ro as a main character, having to work alongside a guest star like Kira. Sparks would definitely fly.

Sometimes I'm bored with the Bajorans, but other times I think the writers didn't do enough with them. One problem I have is that, especially in later seasons, Kira came off less as a seasoned freedom fighter and more as a middle-aged scold. I liked her better when she was angry and stupid in the early seasons.

Ro on DS9 could have been just as complex and dynamic as Kira, if not moreso. The difference would be that she would have to rediscover her Bajoran heritage from the outside. She'd be a little more like Spock, Worf, or Odo. Kira never really had to question or analyze her beliefs the way the outsiders had to, which I think led to her becoming static and uninteresting.

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