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What Makes Vulcans Special


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Some attributes to consider:

Their strength
Their logic
Their superior mental capacity for concentration and higher mathematics

Most of all I want to look at how Vulcans assimilate their emotions. After all, in TOS the highest quality dramatic tension arises from Spock's internal battle between his Vulcan heritage and his human physiology. While TOS never referred to Spock's emotional side as being grounded in his human DNA, there it is in it's simplest form. Spock was raised on Vulcan & as a Vulcan (he highly identified with Vulcan culture), yet there is no escaping the emotional endowment bequeathed him by Ronald Reagan's first wife (Jane Wyman played Spock's mother). The internal conflicts that these facts lead to are what most fascinates us about Vulcans.

Of course we could include something about T'Pol. She was Vulcan through and through, yet, like Spock, she too fought to deny and then to assimilate her emotional side. Indeed, it is questionable if Spock ever made the effort to assimilate his emotions, there's no question that T'Pol did make the effort.

I have seen very few Voyager episodes so if anyone out there has seen them pls feel free to contribute your thoughts on Tuvok. Of course the same goes for any of the Vulcans on any of the Star Trek shows. Thank you.

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By the way, if this idea has been covered pls point me to the post, thanks.


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Amanda was played by Jane Wyatt, not Wyman. Ms. Wyatt was not Mrs. Reagan. Ms. Wyman was.


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I think a lot of people prefer logic to emotions.

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Even though they show no emotions, the emotions are on the surface and when faced with a difficult challenge, you can see the inner colflict and struggle.

I think a lot of us really don't want our emotions to control us. And we admire that in the Vulcans

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I think that their ability to keep emotion from affecting their judgements is something most people wish they could do. I wish I could.

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T'Pol and Tuvok did in the final ep got confused with their Vulcan heritage to avoid emotions. Tuvok did as I recall suppress these & T'Pol alowed herself to chanel the feelings.


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Before androids, Vulcans may have been the most intelligent species in the Federation (along with Zakdorns, of course).  I think Mr. Spock's extreme intelligence made him a favorite, in addition to his other endearing qualities.

Var Miklama--Zakdorn, engineer. "A sound mind in a FULL body!" "Time, like latinum, is a limited quantity in the galaxy."

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