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Star Trek manga

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Created by: JASantiago88


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Ok I know That Star Trek have ventured into manga format, but don't you think that it would be cool if they did an orginal story. Like this

Plot: In 237X: After the War of the Dominion. The Federation tries to recover from the loss of the War despite winning the war. Starfleet is trying to go back to the exploration backed by the Klingon Government. Due to the Recovery, Indepentant human planets had fromed an alliance calling themselves the Allied Colonial Forces. THe ACF is modeled from the 21th century Earth. With the Raising power of the ACF, it started a Federation Cold War with the Romulian backing. Meanwhile a young hacker hacks into a secret file in the Romulian Tal Shiar files



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I've seen a Star Trek:TNG manga and I must say I'm really impressed with the animation just too bad Data was hardly in any of them except fpr one manga story. I think it would be cool of Tsugumi Ohba did a Star Trek manga


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I wished Data was the central character instead of Wesley



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I have the first 2 TOS ones and the TNG one and they were OK, aside from the style they weren't much different than any other Trek comic.

Are you sure it isn't time for a colorful metaphor?


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Though I have a edition of IDW's Star Trek 09 issues as it's not a anime. I like the idea for the story of a post-Dominion War 24th Century Federation & the allies. There was a cartoon series planed for this time with a new Enterprise in conflict with the Romulans & the teritory.


I'd make a manga about 25th UFP as a way time-observing & protecting institution. It would make sense like the alternate future in which the final ep of TNG, Voy & DS9's The Visiter is placed. It could start with tensions to the Klingons alike STO.


Also there was a petition to make Akira again as realfilm with the role of Kaneda played by the actor Chris Pine.

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