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Neutrino particles and real-life subspace transmissions

Commander Christian Jones

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Report this May. 05 2012, 10:53 am

I recenlty read an article on neutrino particles moving FASTER than the speed of light. If we can accelerate them even more, than maybe we can somehow transmit them in a patern that would represent 1s (on) and 0s (off) (like computer code). Right? Then we could collect the information at another loction, then use that information for subspace communication. 



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I have been following the news of this, apparently the Large Hadron Collider produced neutrinos that arrived earlier than expected on a detector site (neutrinos are darn hard to detect, needing tanks filled with thousands of liters of ultra pure water, surrounded with nphotomultiplier tubes (like night vision, but thousands of times better), the sceptics say that if neurinos were faster, those comming from a supernova should have arrived something like 3 years earlier, which didn't happened.
anyway it is exiting, if it works, you'll have news without delay.


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Quarks are said to be the building blocks of nature


This is just a wild speculation, but could Cooper pairing be helpful in boosting and relaying subspace communication?



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